Monday, December 6, 2010

Post #114: My Christmas List

I feel the need to preface this list by saying my ma (love ya) has always stated... each and every Christmas.... that what she really wanted more than anything was "For everyone to just get along." hmmm I like that idea...... Now I prefer gifts however.... but following this sentiment....... we have..... WHAT I WANT MORE THAN ANYTHING FOR CHRISTMAS!!

For that girl to finally get her two front teeth from that stupid song!

For all the voices to stop!!! or even, at least, for them to start talking in a language I can understand!

To create a new type of food (a perfect blend of Chinese and Mexican. Kung Pao Tacos anyone?!?! I am gonna google this in just a second.  That sounds really good!)

For scientists to discover new Shetland islands full of small giraffes or rhinos. Seriously what a great pet!

For the comet to finally get here and pick me up, and my friends, in our sneakers. The rest of y'all are so gonna miss out. Just sayin! The Kool Aid's delicious!

For someone to finally create a dress sandal for men. Store idea!!! THE HOUSE OF SUIT SANDALS (and no... no weird wall size naked men photos like the stores in the mall have these days!!!! Playing rugby or whatever! All Right... All right... provocative wall size foot photos allowed!... playin I dont know... footsy?)

Update.....Not only have I found Kung Pao Tacos, I found General Tsao tamales!!!! What??? Delicious!!!!!

For bad kids to stop receiving coal for Christmas... not very ecofriendly... may I suggest biodiesel?

For every value meal to start out Supersized... so if I choose to "normal size it" I feel better about my fast food choice.

For people with dreads to stop trying to convince me that dreads are clean.... If you took a dog to the groomer and they gave him back all matted up.... how would you feel?

This one's serious..... seriously...........for that special love you only get when.......ahhhhh..... brainfreeze........ damn you slurpees!!!!

And for everyone to get along!!!

P.S. no offense to the dreaded!!! I kinda like sometimes..... except the dreaded back dreads.... no one wins there..... man I wish I didn't take it there!  Happy holidays?

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