Sunday, December 19, 2010

Post #127 Science can do this but not that?

Today's more an observational post. Science can, and does, do some amazing things. Technology is freakin crazy sometimes.... yet sometimes it 's surprising there are things we cant do or don't do. That said here we go.... The We Can Do This But Not That Post

We can map the human genome and figure out what diseases or personality traits a person may be more prone to but we still cant map stupid........thancfuly!

We can measure things to precision at crazy levels using things like electron microscopes yet we cant get a universal measurement for womens sizes in clothing?

Science has found that 65% of people with autism are left handed yet we have no accurate study yet of what percent of people without hands can  play catch well.....

We can listen to the sounds of deep space....zillions of miles away....with huge antennas but I can't get my AM radio station more than 30 miles outside downtown.

We can transplant organs, split apart Siamese twins, insert titanium hips and other parts into people, etc.... but we cant figure out how to better fix athletes knees?

We can tweet, email, facebook, blog, page, fax,call, text.............but nobody responds to my digital smoke signals

Science can laser correct a persons eyesight and laser off moles and tattoos......but we cant laser off that lady stache? I mean really? ( its been pointed out to me that this can be done.... but how come the people that need to know this..... don't?)

Nike can make clothes that keep you hot when your cold and cool ya when your hot, or breathe real easy, or stretch real crazy like.....but nobody has created spandex that smooths out lumps.

We can watch all these movies now in IMAX and 3D ...yet we cant upgrade most of these same films plot lines past 1D?

We can get photos miles below the surface of some crazy sea creature or deep in the rain forest of some yet identified toad (ya I watch Discovery Channel) but we can't yet photo that damn yeti.....................
Or aliens or the Lochness monster or "normal well adjusted" celebrities........ but one will and I will be there to post about it..........

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