Monday, January 31, 2011

Post # 147 Crystal Ballroom, golf, dinner, kids....

All right so here we go....New format....Monday.....Weekend update

So Friday night I hung out with some friends at my bar tasting a few of my favorite McMenamin ales. Both of the brewers down here at the Crystal Ballroom are some of the best in the company. ( just dont tell them that.....I swear they stir the beer with their huge egos already!)...but I kid...they always have something different and tasty pouring so often times thats how the weekend starts.

Saturday.......I golfed with my brothers at a small little course in a retirement community. Enjoyed it even if the course was pretty narrow. My brother, when he wasnt knocking roof tiles off of peoples homes, needed to find a restroom for more than a few holes......There werent any out there? In a retirement community? Wouldnt you think their would be one at every hole? There werent... Sucked for him...Anyways it was good to get out there and swing after a couple months off.
Lounged on the couch....Inception (great movie)...
Then dinner with friends at Kens Artisan pizza....delicious!. But be warned apparently there is always a 1 hour wait to get in...which there was. It was good but only 43 minutes worth of a wait good. Just sayin

We did however decide to try somewhere new to eat every it food cart....burger joint....prison cafeteria....somewhere. And we will rotate who chooses each week. Just wait for my choice!!!!! BBQ squirell anybody?

Saturday evening I met up with some old friends. A friend was smoking some meats. Delicious.....and no there was no squirrel........

Sunday I had to work. It was the anniversary party over here at the Ballroom. Music going on ...on all floors... all day. We were very busy....I do however recommend this next year to any of you out there who have kids that enjoy spilling drinks or rubbing greasy hands on windows....screw crayons and coloring want to entertain a todler....a plate of ketchup and a window .....apparently mesmorizing!

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  1. BBQ squirell comin' right up, Steve. One for you, one for me. You go first.