Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 2: Pictures of skiing the Alps...and Austrian beer halls

So as we are officially into the evening of the second full day I find myself a little ragged. After we got here and without sleep for a day we went to bed....the pillow was so comfy......wait that doesn't sound much like us does it....Well......the truth is we proceeded to "EXPERIENCE" a true Austrian beer hall. This place was so insane....Scott even got his table dance on (I hope we have pictures....checking camera). There's so so much more to say about this place but will do it better justice.

(This is what you HAVE to order. It comes with 10 beers and 10 shots of tally 5)

(This is how we saw it...)

After that madness we went to one of the sauciest dinners ever.....that's what they do here. The bars are packed from 4 till 9ish, then its dinner time. It was delicious.....some of us were told the next day. Turned in around 11:30 nearly 36 hours after last zzzzzz's. But well worth it. Except for the little French guy that kept hitting on me and grinding up on me. Damn you Frenchies!!

Today.....we skiied all day. It's so beautiful here...

The snow is a bit crunchy but I wouldn't trade that for 32 degrees, sun, and no wind every time. We skiied into Switzerland, over mountain after mountain, to this log cabin party deck and had a delicious lunch. Then we skiied back which took us almost 2 hours. My legs are burning more than Charlie Sheens "lady" friends. 

So tonight its a classic Austrian dinner (schnitzel or muscrat or something) and then probably an early night. Skiing longer tomorrow. Wish you all were with us....well maybe not you cousin XXXXX....dude's weird and watches you sleep. Anyways till tomorrow.....probably.

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