Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 3/4 in Austria

First off, I have another video for you. This time my brother isn't singing (or attempting to) through the whole thing...

As we entered day three my body shut down a bit....yep sick for a day......fever and the works.....was it something I ate or pure exhaustion? Doesn't really matter....It sucked so I rested for the evening and am feeling much better. Hey I'm not 33 anymore. On the plus side I got to experience some Austrian television (and yes The Nanny in German is just as annoying)....also the pharmacy is VERY difficult to understand what medicine to buy (there's a good chance the DayQuil-like thing I bought was maybe an estrogen booster?..either way it worked)

So here's the agenda for today into tomorrow. Scott and I are going exploring tomorrow....We are going to find some good food, cafe, meet some locals and really see where the day takes us....I love days like this. Tomorrow night is up to our traveling companions and they have some "plan" they tell me. I'm sure it includes singing and dancing.

By the way this town is built on music...pouring out from every doorway, and loudly....some American (Rhianna, Neil Diamond but remixed, and then all this German music (best described as 80s pop meets sports anthem music?!?...gotta admit its fun though). Tomorrow morning we head to Munich (my favorite place in the world...outside of Portland the day the Blazers finally win the championship)....cant wait to sit outside in the beer garden and have some Bavarian food....prost everybody.

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