Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Review...The Gerald Wallace to the Trailblazers trade!!!

So our beloved Portland sports franchise made a significant trade at the trade deadline Thursday....essentially giving salary cap relief and future mid first round picks for Gerald Wallace a 6' 7" physical small forward from the Charlotte Bobcats. Sure Joel Przybilla and Dante Cunningham were included but in truth neither were likely going to be resigned this summer anyway. Joel will most likely retire after maybe another season (he has never regained his form after his knee injury). Dante can play, and should have a long NBA career with his mid range jumper and defensive work ethic, but wasn't ever going to develop into more than a role player. I will miss his play............. however.......

This trade is about Gerald Wallace. One year removed from being an All-Star and on the all NBA defensive first team with the likes of Lebron James and Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant . He is averaging just under 16 points a game and 8 rebounds a game.....but the numbers don't tell the story people. This guys nickname is Crash!!!! He is very tough and an above the rim ( just wait for the alley-oops) menace. In coach Nate McMillans defense, he is going to drive the Kevin Durants and Lamar Odoms of the world crazy.....  hey Blazer fans he is kinda a cross between Jerome Kersey and Buck Williams (kinda Old school tough). He can score and rebound but he can defend and disrupt. So sit back and welcome a key piece to this team moving out of the first round...this season....and challenge for the western conference....... 

Plus you can recycle your old Rasheed Wallace jersey....bonus!

Just for are a few Blazer season predictions
Blazers 5th in western Conference ( 49-33)
Match up with Lakers in first round....Blazers win in 6
Blazers face San Antonio ( a team they match up well with) in second in 7
Blazers face Dallas in conference finals and lose in 6 (although I really hope Im wrong on this one)

Thats me a homer....or maybe a NBA whisperer....either way time will tell.....wont it
Welcome to Gerald Wallace...a great trade....

Oh ya one more prediction.....Lamarcus Aldridge makes the all-star team the next five years in a row! Go Blazers!

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