Sunday, February 13, 2011

Munich hofbrauhaus review

So we ate yesterday at the famous beer hall. In fairness to an honest review I admit I have eaten here twice before.... but I wont let that bias my true critique. You see the decor and ambiance is ....well... screw it. This place rocks. Its touristy... ya... but it rocks. The food is awesome!!! May I recommend the pork knucke? Delicious! The half chicken? Perfect! The Sausage platter? So so good!!  They just serve good Bavarian food for everybody.....  vegetarians???   Maybe try the tofurkey knuckle or...... actually just avoid this place. Its hunks of meat and potatoes basically. Whats not to love.

Beer?? O ya they serve beer. I started with the food but its the beer that built this place of course. In the classic 32oz steins. An original lager and a darker (which I prefer). Both are good. My favorite though....has to be the third stein of the dark....ah its the best.

Price wise its a good deal. Everything on the menu falls into the 7 to 11 euro range and the big big beers are 7 euro. Coming from the rich slopes of Austria...this is value! Plus they have a German band playin. And while we were there a marching band circled through the restaurant. Shortly after some sort of dancing line mamba-d between the tables. The place is just fun. The waitresses wear the classic German outfits and will pose for pictures. But dont piss them off!! Years of carrying three or four of those heavy steins around have payed off... they have some serious guns!! They probably could double as bouncers!

The only criticism is that when you get here you have to jump on your own table. Be ready to elbow a Russian or trip a Turk cause tables are first come first serve. So you may have to wait 10 minutes or so. However after that service is surprisingly fast. Basically it is so worth it. I have enjoyed every visit. Hey its been around since the 1500's...enough said.

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