Friday, February 4, 2011

Restaurant Review...The House of Teriyaki

So its I review a restaurant or a movie. Should I give my take on a band or an ex? Well lets start with an absolute sure thing......

The House of Teriyaki ( Tigard, Oregon)
Price $8 to $11
open every day except Sunday

So I make it a point to think long and hard before telling people about this place. Its kind of a hidden gem... like an Iranian miniskirt.....or a Mormon only child. But I figured that someone pulled me aside and shared this secret with me, so I should too... but over the internet. Basically the same thing right? Anyways, this place has delicious Chinese food. Seriously!!!! The Kung Pao Chicken is perfect. Just the right blend of spices, peanuts, water chestnuts, squash, celery, onion. Also recommended is the teriyaki chicken, short ribs, and tofu plate. Yep I dated a vegetarian! And the best are the egg rolls.! It still stands as the only place that I have ordered the absolute same thing twice....but the same day... Its just a little slice of Chinese food heaven.
food.....9.5 out of 10  (it would get a 10 but they don't deliver!!!!)

The restaurant is literally across Hwy 99 from Tigard cinemas.... which makes for a great pre-movie place to eat. Remember overeating can lead to possibly falling asleep at the movies. Hey it was a douchy romance movie anyway.....I And if you do fall asleep.... your date may not appreciate loud snoring....just sayin. But as for the restaurant its clean and the service is very fast and friendly. The family who runs it make a point to remember your name. So many times they welcome me back saying " Dr.Bailey would you like the usual? Are you hungry after saving lives again?"...Hey ladies get hungry too...One other fun feature is they always have stacks of the latest magazines. The Sporting News, Newsweek, Us, People, Remote Control Afficianado....etc.
atmosphere 7 out of 10

So go check it out. You will thank me. But don't tell anyone. Its kind of a secret.

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