Monday, February 21, 2011

Ways to avoid Jetlag with photos

So I'm back in the states after two weeks of travel. Traveling is the best.....but now its back to the grind. In truth I have a bit of jet lag today......and I have a theory its the gods way of saying "Nothing is free in enjoyed yourself feel like crap for a day or two." Its very catholic right ....or actually more wall street...
Oh well....I will gladly take my serving of jet lag anytime after a vacation.....anyways this lack of sleep has gotten me up, awake,  thinking and then it hit me... today's post.... Ways To Avoid Jet lag

Jetlags official name is Circadian Dischronism;  meaning "Something occurring in about 24 hours with a lack of order in their arrangement and events in their occurrence" What? Its basically any time your internal clock gets out of whack for a 24 hour period. Perfect! HELPFUL time you are out partying late and you end up hung over at work.... not anymore boss!!! Now you are just a bit jet lagged. It sounds so much better.......and more worldly..

So I thought I would look up some remedies. Here's what I learned. Get back into regular sleep patterns ASAP. Pretty obvious.When flying home try to stay awake if you can....or wake up early the morning before you leave  (when crossing the Atlantic for example). Oversee travelers heading to Hollywood..disregard... your jetlag may help you fit in there......

Now a lot of the remedies I have read revolve around water....drink lots of it...on the plane and after you get back. Highly recommended is swimming, bathing or showering as soon as possible after your flight.

Also get some exercise as soon after your flight...a good walk or swim or.... fornicating helps..." Hey I know we just met on the plane, but in order to combat jet lag we should maybe get naked? Its for both our sakes. Or maybe we could get a jump start on it now..... joining a select club......just a thought .....stewardess"

Plus avoid sleeping pills, caffeine, Fox News and heroin if possible...they dont help your body naturally adapt. Those last two are more day to day rules than just flying....for me at least....

Remember to avoid alcohol the night before you leave and on the plane. This can be difficult....this is normally when people feel like partying a bit because " The Vacation starts now!!!" least I do?!?! But if you wait a day you will be able to go wilder the rest of your trip.

 and lastly dont constantly check the watch wondering what time it is back home... cause whatever time it is there...its worse than your time cause you are on vacation and they aren't.... suckers!
So hopefully that helps you next time you travel ya later.........

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