Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 10 drunk conversations...

10. The "Is she cute? She's cute.. right?" conversation.  This often leads to a different talk the next morning. One with yourself in the mirror. 
9. "We should totally start our own restaurant" ....I work in the industry and have had plenty of these......however nobody seems interested in my gluten heavy menu idea?

This is here just cause. I love this photo! 
8. "Your so much better than him" my bar I have overheard this 100's of times .....and like I always say ladies totally are...he's a jerk....and I'm standing right here  if you wanna get even with him...

7. "We should start a band".......happens all the time...but come to think of it how else does a band get started?

6. "We should get a tattoo!" Obviously happens....and probably will be the way I get mine .....but...... dear god please help me try not to be funny with my tattoo......

5. "You and I should go on vacation" Fun to talk about.. rarely actually happens. Oh by the way Reverend Chris I wont be able to take that trip to the holy land sorry...too much communion wine!

4. "You should totally call him....its not too late" .....ah the booty call. I have nothing bad to say about this. Continue dialing.

3."I could do my bosses job so much better" hmm you probably can. Bosses suck!! I mean I couldn't even come close. My boss learns me crazy amazing stuff daily! (hey boss still glad you're a frequent reader here!)

2. The "I'm not gonna puke" debate .....this is almost always followed by guess what ......puke! And if you ever say this phrase "Just tell me if you need me to pull over." might as well just say "Can I hold your hair back while you throw up on my back seat and my groceries?"!

1. And finally the "Just the tip" conversation know just for a second see how it feels!

Thanks for reading everybody...we should all take a vacation together!!!!

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