Friday, June 3, 2011

The toilet post

I wasn't going to do it... I kept telling myself. I had to be able to be a bit classier than this post. But I kept finding more and more photos on the topic.....funny ones, ridiculous ones, dangerous ones, gold ones.... And then randomly somebody told me "Hey Steve I always read your blog while I'm in the bathroom"..... Great!!! Very nice Reverend  Thanks!...  

And then kinda to top it off, when I finally got raided by PETA and had to dispose of those stolen snakes.... I realized I couldn't fight it.... so I allowed my sense of humor to revert to when I was somewhere between 12 and yesterday... you know to when this would be funny to me..... and I put together the toilet post. Here you go world... and.... Reverend...... can I get a courtesy flush please? Thanks!
By the way if any of my snakes find their way into your house.... would you mind returning them..... they are deadly poisonous and have a hunger for human appendages. Thanks and moving on...

There's not much joke set up needed here..... Here's you go.... toilets. All kinds and all styles.....but lets start with the most loving kind

Only for the closest of couples.... couples that share everything..... "true love at its finest"... "Nothing more intimate" all the divorced couples that had these installed will tell you.

um...... this was supposed to be how the long awaited XXX version of the movie Mannequin started.... 
Then there's the ice toilet....... and what can you say about this other than it's uncomfortably cold! Better hover.

The old school toilet. Huge in Iran and nearly all of Arkansas!

The future toilet....looks peaceful. I can't wait.

The sleeping toilet

The food poisoned toilets. They should totally put these in near a certain food cart downtown....
The kid stuck in a toilet... toilet. He looks so unhappy. Hilarious! 

Right about now I'm having this realization that this is pretty tacky..... Am I really doing the toilet post? I cant and shouldn't continue with this post...... so .....

I bring you urinals........

The religious urinal

The public urinal...... actually kinda genius

The really nice view urinal
the dog urinal
and lastly the very very friendly urinal..... my sources say this is called "Rollercoastering"..... who knew
But lets get back to the toilets . I have just a couple left.....
Redneck BBQ toilets

Toilet cakes..... Pam is so creative.. The chocolate center is surprisingly nutty....I also highly recommend her Possum cake

Delicious!!!!! Save me a slice of face please. Mmm! But back to toilets.... Here's a photo of a toilet thousands of people can cheer about.

Crazy sports fan toilet.... is awesome! Hey he was just making a statement about the Oregon State Beavers last year..... Go Ducks!

and lastly the worst toilet and urinal I could find anywhere........ Here is the one we all have nightmares about..... This one

The flooded toilet.....  
And then this..... my urinal nightmare! And not recommended for people with bladder shyness.

Thats it.... everyone....  And I just wanted to say that the research on this post was MUCH less enjoyable than others. Dear god the things you see when you type in worst toilets and press search. You win again google.... you win again. Have a great day everybody.... I'm off to go rollercoaster. Blog ya'll later.

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