Thursday, November 25, 2010

Post #102: Revisiting post # 85 the Thanksgiving Toast

So.... I am working on a Thanksgiving "ish" post but its not quite ready yet....... and we will see if that happens tonight or if all the food will find me napping on the couch...... anyways I thought it was fitting to repost # 85

#85 Decided to rehearse my upcoming thanksgiving toast. Its my turn this year.... So tell me what you think.
"Table looks great ma! Food smells great... and Dad you are like a jedi with that turkey carver! (pause for laughter) There's a couple things I am so thankful for.... Friends, good health, great parents, we are putting you in a home, the upcoming holidays, good food, laughter, movers come tomorrow, nice weather, forgiveness and love. just so much to be thankful for. Lets eat!!"

Oh Ya Happy Turkey Day!


  1. There is nothing wrong with a state run home. I hear they are really quite cozy. Happy Turkey Day to all

  2. still shocked that you actually gave that toast at Thanksgiving dinner...nice going brother, now they know it's coming...