Friday, December 3, 2010

Post #110: So my advertising is about to get a makeover! Sorry?!?!

Well I realized something the other day. I believe it was after my tombstone post. On the right side of my blog you see the advertisements... well like the next day we find.... a bunch of tombstone engraving ads? seriously! This also happened after my Led Zepplin one as well. The geniuses in the computer are matching my posts key words with ads! HMMMM? I am also able to track how many times somebody clicks on these ads. I have made 13 cents so far from people clicking on them... Retirement? ... Then it hit me. Who knows my facebook friends better than me!! Got my finger on the pulse. Lets mess with ads and see if I can control them... and maybe... just maybe... I can cater them more to you guys specificly!. So that said... here goes ERECTILE DISFUNCTION ERECTILE DISFUNCTION   E.D. Viagra  VIAGRA VIAGRA VIAGRA Depends undergarments  DEPENDS UNDERGARMENTS  ADULT DIAPERS The Shakeweight  THE SHAKEWEIGHT  THE SHAKEWEIGHT Ritilan  RITALIN  Tattoo Removal  TATTOO REMOVAL TATTOO REMOVAL Adult Bookstores ADULT BOOKSTORES Nipple clamps NIPPLE CLAMPS Monkeys Buy A Monkey OWN A MONKEY I know you all have pet monkeys! Chef Boyardee Chef Boyardee Ravioli... delicious.  and...........the Ped Egg PED EGG ... for your delicate feet readers!    Alright now we wait and see. I make pennies every time someone clicks on one of the links so?   

 If I seriously see a spike in ad clicks.... I will know about you sickos!!! Results to come!!!!

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