Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post #111: Guess Im a Hoarder?

So I was recently told that Hoarders come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn't have to be just trash and junk?.... so here we go...types of hoarders....

Emotion hoarding (don't knock over my stack of denial please)

Animal Hoarding (can you say crazy cat ladies)

Money Hoarding (f u wall street)

Porn hoarding (u know that's disgu...Hey is that the December issue?)

Facebook friends hoarding (accepting everyone and anyone..... please guy at DMV accept my friend request)

X-girlfriend hoarding (one day I will let you out of the basement... well... maybe)

Monkey hoarding (this is in here solely cause monkeys are funny.... nobody hoards monkeys. That's crazy!)

Child hoarding (come on some Mormons and reality show family's... how can you make time for each kid when you have like 15 of em? You cant.... wow this started as a joke but kinda makes sense.... who knew?)

Reality show hoarding (now we have Skating with the Stars?... Really? shame on you if you watch this. Nearly every other reality show fine by me. ..especially The Joe Schmo Show... look it up!!!!!)

Exercise hoarding (becomes bodybuilding, becomes freaky gross looking people, becomes...carrot top...  just don't be this)

Sports watching hoarding (you are guilty if you have ever painted your chest....guys... totally totally o.k. ladies!) 

And finally probably bad decision hoarding.. (many celebrity sufferers..... Dick Cheney, Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, either Siegfried or Roy... whatever one got bit in the face by the lion, David Hasselhoff, Pee Wee Herman, Kim Jong Ill, and basically the whole cast of Different Strokes, Whatcha talkin bout Willis?  Nothing anymore!!)

Anyways I'm off to do some research on some other topic.... Hmm maybe I'm a post hoarder????? Man!!!


  1. O check this out!!!! It didn't change my ads to naughty stuff yesterday but right away today it changes most of them to hoarding ads. Go figure!

  2. I aspire to be a crazy cat lady someday. Guilty.


  3. Elsewhere hoarding (When you store stuff you will never need or want in the corner of your brother basement, ((I mean somewhere else but at your house)) for years...)

  4. Scott...... that is hilarious..... It is true. I am guilty of Elsewhere hoarding. Its the best. It frees up so much room at your place!!!