Friday, December 10, 2010

Post #117: Things I learn sleeping with the TV..... on!!

So..... I fall asleep to the TV. I have for years. Some exes like it... Some not so much. But it is what it is. I doze off with the remote right next to me. Sometimes I roll over on it and it changes the channel........that said I  think I'm learning things from TV.... while I sleep!
For example, the other day, I randomly told people that they would only be saved from eternal damnation if they sent me some money......
And also (somehow) I have picked up Spanish. One phrase in particular..... Tu no esta el padre! What does that mean anyway? Que?
Plus the other day I woke up with all these right wing thoughts!!!! Must have been Fox news I was sleepwatching! So the next night I purposely fell asleep to Bill Maher just to balance it all back out.
I tried to fall asleep to a "naughty channel" know to learn a few things but I just woke up feeling static, wavy and scrambled...
Hmmm what else..... the other day I woke up and had to wear some bright pumps.....and you know what.... they did make the whole outfit pop!!! thanks fashion channel.....
One morning I hated and distrusted men all day..... lifetime channel I knew that was your intentions all along!!!!
Purposely fell asleep to the reality channel of course. Woke up all happy........ and proceeded to fire someone at them off.
And lastly I slept with MTV on last night. I was hoping to hum some new music when I woke up.......and.....nothing.......Do they even play music anymore?  All I felt was an odd sympathy for teen pregnancy? Huh?
Sweet dreams everybody. I think I'm going to try the travel channel. Its been a long week and I need to get away.........

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