Friday, December 17, 2010

Post #124: Baileyleaks Part 2

So the governmental secrets are flying in.....its amazing what I am finding out. Anyways here we go another round of Baileyleaks......enjoy

Victoria Secret models proven to be animatronic

Disney made but never released a sequel to Old Yeller called  "The Rise of Yeller"

After an expensive study...its been proven not everyone can be connected to Kevin Bacon through 6 people.....some require 7 ...however shockingly there is a 5 degrees of Gary Coleman....

Siegfried and Roy proven not gay

Siegfried and Roy's boyfriends proven gay

9 out of 10 dentists agree....cavities pay the electric bill

During the filming of "The Muppets take Manhattan" two stunt-muppets were seriously injured in what one source told Baileyleaks was "very unsafe muppet-stunting!"

Rice Krispies SNAP CRACKLE and POP actually had a fourth cereal mascot TOOT....but was dropped for obvious reasons

Another study finds bad perms just as sexy as regular hair on naked women...

The Antarctica aliens we are at war with taste delicious (see Post #121)

Playboy mansion Grotto believed to be the origin of Swine Flu.... and SARS believed as well.... still studying

Antique dynamite Jenga....played in the back of a moving jeep.... on a really hot day.... by people with Parkinsons...deemed "Too dangerous" by inside source

It was Colonel Beige in the Foyer with the Vaz.....this sent in by the people from Gay Clue Wikileaks 

Totinos "Party Pizza" to be given more accurate name.... the new name "Totinos Kinda Broke, Kinda drunk, All alone Pizza"

Similar to playing Pink Floyd's "The Wall" at the same time as The Wizard of Oz, the people from Baileyleaks have uncovered the same thing can be done with Limp Bizkit's "Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water " and Legally Blond 2....but be warned its kinda weird....

Phone sex "painful" with rotary phones......this sent in by the people at Freakyleaks

George W. Bush's presidency will be revealed as one long episode of Punk'd

Punk'd breaks all television records for highest budget for one really long 8 year episode.... 

more to come.....

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