Thursday, January 27, 2011

Post 144 Looking back-------Oh ya Richard Wad you are next!!!!

So I was thinking back to what was the beginning of countless stolen moments for my beginning of my blog and I decided to look back through some of the 100 Facebook statuses I did. I pulled off a couple of my favorites and they are below. Enjoy or dont. Gotta go....... getting to work on the Richard Wad post.....and no its not me people! But dont worry hes gonna get his!!!!!
  #61 Checked the calendar twice.. nothing.. No secretary day, no earth day, no holiday, no nothing.. IDEA.. Today could be... secret day (Gotta tell all u know), or one night stand day, how bout YOU analyze your shrink day, judge a cops driving day, vegans eat meat day, make a prude watch a porn day, celebrate top ramen day, shake a baby day ( not hard), garden naked day, anything! Let's name it.
#56 So I think I'm pregnant! How! It's a miracle! .....Alright I'll be honest... But just here. I was with this girl and she started to kinda pull away. I think she was ready to end .. Dropped a bombshell... Im knocked up honey. She's totally changed. Were back in love planning the future. Problem... I should show soon. Right? Better work on the beer belly. This is a DOUBLY GREAT idea. Man r my nipples sore!
#27 Ever go grocery shopping with a friend and you head for the frozen pizza and ramen only to notice that they are shopping all healthy? Then you kinda feel bad...then you start following their lead...Well you end up with a fridge full of crap you have no idea what to do with. Water chestnut anyone?
#8 Had a self-revelation yesterday. I'm the guy before the right guy. Its true. Its happened a lot of times. One time even the guy before the right girl. After our special love subsides girls get married or pregnant. Just not to me. So after some thought i have decided to embrace this. Own it!... basically.. if your clocks ticking or your ready for Mr. Right I can help. Just call me. I make it rain diamonds ladies.
Post #3 Went to dinner and shared some wine with some obnoxious, slightly foul mouthed, really inappropriate conversation starting, no topic off limiting people last night.........thanks family for another unforgettable evening. love and some awkward glances to all y'all!
by the way I love that one above....because in truth it really is all my familys fault!!!!!!! This was their idea!!!!
Made a couple promises to not suck on checking my facebook or slack on posting or totally be lame and not upload pictures so here we go...100 days of facebook starts now!!! post 1.....Kinda hungry.

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