Sunday, February 27, 2011

The How I die tombstones with pictures...

So I have the ability to forsee my own death! Or a couple different versions how... at least..... Its a blessing and a curse. And when these visions hit me I quickly write them down. Odd how they always rhyme but..... whatever. I guess its good to be ready for when that time know to explain the end in your own words... True its kinda morbid but I like to think, just maybe, these tombstones might help somebody.... somewhere....someday. How?     um.....   uh......    I have no idea?........just read em o.k...........

Tombstone #1
Here lies Steve Bailey
Who knew this day would come
Understood the leprosy he could no longer outrun
The funeral will be cheaper, the mortician did say
There'll be less and less to bury each and every day

Tombstone #2
Here lies a man who lived a wild life
Survived by the bed bugs that slept by his side
He wrote lyrics, loved sports, tried to see the world funny
But fell in the cage of a hungry zoo monkey

Tombstone #3
Poor sailor Bailey he's gone lost at sea
the sharks may have got him or hes sunk to the bottom
But to die in a speedo
Your never forgotten

Tombstone #4
The alarm didn't sound, he was running behind
he must race 20 blocks just to make it on time.....
so he weaved through the people, he darted down streets....
he jumped over benches all the while gaining speed.... 
finally he reached work, exhausted, and opened the door

And the building  exploded....... and Steve raced no more.....

Thanks for reading. Gotta run. 
Late for work. 

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