Monday, February 28, 2011

The Oscars review......mostly

The Oscars were last night....and I watched. Couple thoughts. Let me preface this by saying I love the Oscars. I always have. Its the most important award show of the year. (possible exception being the Best World Leader of the Year Award Show) a feeling Egyptian ousted president Mubarek or freeky crazy Libyan dictator Gadhafi wont be nominated.....and Obama don't get to haven't exactly knocked it out of the park this year either...uh.....back to the Oscars

So this year was supposed to be the "young and hip" show.  They got Anne Hathaway and James Franco...and....... wheel out the bones of Bob Hope or Billy Crystal ( wait is he dead?) .....why?.....cause this show sucked. Young? Hip? Heres a rule.....If you have to say that you are hip? You are NOT... academy! I guess maybe its "current" to be stoned all show?   right James Franco?

Also, this year, a video montage with the hosts walking through all the different movies was the big intro....heres a note....they do that same thing at the Peoples Choice Awards academy!!!! and better!! Come to think of it every awards show does this... But to be fair this show is written by the visionary writers that bring you sequel after sequel after sequel......

And then the singing number...  Anne Hathaway basically singing about stalking Hugh Jackman.... followed by James Franco coming out in drag for a joke about Charlie Sheen.....what is going on? Maybe  this years show was actually an audition to take over, the now vacant, Two and a Half Men's spot in CBS's lineup?   huh?   That actually makes sense. 

The night culminated with The Kings Speech winning  best picture....keeping my personal streak alive....knowing nothing about the best picture movie cause I didn't see way to go Academy................another year in the books. Well at least you have a full year from get started on that hilarious video montage.

This just in Swiss president Micheline
Calmy-Rey is front runner for "World
 Leader of the Year".....typical!

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