Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 things I learned in Greece

10. The weather is real nice in the spring.....70s and with a nice breeze.

9. The women here dress really well and are really hot.... about one out of every two stores is a ladies shoe or fashion store which makes sense....guys fit in see the Top Gun catalog  
 8. Better like pastries cause thats what everyone eats.... everywhere here..They are really good but damn if I dont miss me some rice or noodle dishes...Oh yeah also good on the food front are the gyros and souvlaki plates and anything with the local honey freekin tasty!

7. Carefull for the land mines people....Their are alot of rougue animals wandering the streets if you know what I mean...

6. People dont stop for pedestrians much... ..just like walk fast and learn to like Euro Frogger...or you can be like Scott and always find the back way...

5. The hotels are clean and nice but the bathrooms (at least the ones we had) do I put this have a kind of airplane bathroom spaciousness to them....more than once I flooded the floor cause I kept bumping the shower curtain and the water went all over...whatever....

4. The monuments and ruins are amazing!! And the view from up by the Parthenon is one of the worlds best cityscapes......

3. Bare with me on this one...or send me a message explaining why....but Greece loves the....wait for it....penis!!....seriously its everywhere from keychains to paintings to 400 b.c. carvings on stone even on this mornings local cooking show (now I didnt understand the words but while making a burger patty the tv host woman clearly made another meat option....and they were laughing hysterically.. If you come here you will understand..... moving on

2. The Greek islands are my favorite part of what I saw. Beautiful! The ferry was clean and ontime and affordable. Rent the four wheelers if you travel there...its a crazy fun way to see the islands!  P.S. They are made for the road and do get stuck in the sand....I heard?!

1. The people of Greece are so nice. My book I read before coming here said the Greek people take their hospitality seriously and I definately the nicest European people I have met traveling.....  I cant wait to visit again some day. Some of favorite moments this trip was just walking through the city aimlessly and seeing where we ended up

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