Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Santorini and Atlantis...the story in pictures

So we spent the last two days on the Greek island is believed to have been the location of ancient Atlantis before the volcano here leveled it. It is widely believed Atlantis was built on the inner volcanic island of Santorini with bridges reaching out to the rest of the island. What this island is now is just a crescent shaped outer volcano rim.  But that rim is massive. I cant imagine the size of the eruption that left it in its current state. We rented some 4 wheelers for the last 2 days (15 euro a deal ever)...and drove all over this are some photos

so we raced around the cliffs and eventually found a red sand beach....tiny lava rocks basically. Then we had ourselves an authentic greek seafood meal. (fresh catch of the day was maybe to fresh for me)...but whatever....the pasta with lamb on it later that evening totally made up for it.

A truly amazing place that I can only imagine gets downright insane in the summer months. From the people we talked to 1000/'s of vacationers flood these islands in the summer months and from the nearly 500 plus bars on this island its gotta be just one huge spring break....which may be too much. But February was probably too slow also. I bet April/early May is just right. An island you can explore and also a party or two to run into. O for sure some day we will be back..............
With only two days left on this trip we are headed back to Athens....and we are talking seriously of our next trip....and we have decided!! Costa Rica in the fall and all of you are invited. Seriously! But be ready to zip-line, raft, and surf because that is what we plan on....

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