Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Video from the port of Naxos

So we found a total deal of a hotel in Santorini and I wanted to video its best features for ya'll to see. Which I will do today.....but I thought while we do that, and before our 4 wheelers arrive, I would upload this video of one of the ports as we ferried over here. The pictures here are going to freak you all out I promise. Hey this place was rated the 6th most beautiful place in the world...or so it was before we arrived....dont worry we are gonna Portland it up.

O ya by the way, I realized on this trip, I am no longer a hostel stayer. Its crazy how these revelations hit me. Its kinda similar to when I decided me and rollerblading were dead. At least in public! You see when you go down to the hostel bar to check out the scene and its full of 20 yearolds....you might decide to turn in early....(I havent listened to the latest douchy pop music so I wouldnt know what to talk about anyways)....then you go up and crawl into your BUNKBED........an epiphany takes over (at least surprisingly for me)....I have officially outgrown hostels. New travel rules now apply. Here we go..... places o.k. for me to stay.

Hotels, my own tent, bed and breakfasts, someones guest room, the backseat of my own car on a roadtrip and obviously any little rented villa or house.....all totally o.k.

Heres the other list....places not to sleep anymore

Youth hostels (its in the name) it should say Bunkbeding/really loud/your older than everybody but the creepiest Albanians hostels

or out in some line all night "waiting for tickets"...especially movies. Its ok to wait a day fanatics.... and if its a new George Lucas film expect dissapointment just a day later

 in a tent with some other people.....especially couples who after some beer thought "You were totally asleep right?"

 the drunk tank- Hopefully my readers can hold their liquor....Whats this? A t-shirt for taking off my shirt? "Hell ya sign me up!!!!"

 at Mattress World--They dont appreciate it! Surprisingly?....How else are you supposed to test their product?.... whatever

 Charlie Sheens hotel room- Disqualified cause everyone knows nobody sleeps there

 and of course in jail cause the guilty ones always sleep....so stay awake all my unjustly accused readers

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