Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Celebrity Reviews

The reviews are see every once in a while we have  someone famous check out our site..... and we try to hit em up  for a quote or review we can use. Its always interesting to read their thoughts. Anyways I have compiled a list of our most recent reviews and posted them below.  Thanks celebs and enjoy reading everybody!

"So offensive!!" Mel Gibson
"I love the photos!" Hellen Keller

"It brought the animal out in me" Richard Gere

"Blah blah blah Im a blowhard" Glenn Beck

"This blog changed my sexuality" this

"Bullseye" Dick Cheney

"It smelled of rich mahagony" Will Ferrell

"Delicious posts!! Its probably huge in Germany" David Hasselhoff

 "best to read it in a dark room....if you know what I mean" Paul Reubens

"I had the time of my life" dead Swayze

"I never miss a post. I hope there's wifi in prison." Lindsey Lohan

"The rooms were kinda small. It sucked without my drugs....wait this is a rehab review right?" Amy Winehouse. btw.....Charlie Sheen just liked this

"Heres a tip....Sex tapes get more hits....Just sayin!" Kim Kardashian

love it so much.....but im also really enjoying at least 12 other blogs" Tiger Woods

and finally..."It works better than Ambian!" say 9 out of 10 scientists

 There they are....more someday as they come in......

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