Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Charlie Sheen post...kinda had to do it...

So its Charlie Sheen this and Charlie Sheen that. Its all over facebook and twitter and probably whatever secret social media addicts use... Drugster maybe? Anyways I thought now since he clearly enjoys having his name out there so much....maybe we could use it a bit more....







Sauteed...alright I made that one up




                 and now ..........Sheened

definition 1)... the ability to turn an average tuesday night into an evening that can only rival a soon to be brides worst bachelor party fears 

definition 2) party so hard David Crosby, Keith Richards and Gallagher(yes he parties) think you have gone to far

3) redecorate hotel rooms..... poorly

4) be such a mess its hard to determine if your drinking, drugging or womanizing is your biggest problem

use it in a sentence you ask....ok.

"Went out last night and got so sheened I woke up in a hotel room wearing only a ladies blouse."

"Was at the strip club and got my sheen on (yes it can be used this way). Picked up this stripper Cinammon and brought her to this party. Sucked though...nothing happened...she just got too sheened."

or probably the way ladies who know him use it...

"O my god.... I went over to Charlie's house last night. I got really wasted and I think I got sheened. I hope I didn't catch anything. I think Im going to be sick..."

You know Im kind of having second thoughts on this whole post. Its maybe a bit too hard on Charlie. I feel bad....forgive my sarcasm. I apologize if you found this post just a bit too Lohan-ded!

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