Friday, March 25, 2011

Revisiting the Sensitive post... in truth its a bit embarrassing!

So I guess Im a sensitive person (so says my dentist). I had never reallly thought of myself that way till now.... But if I think about it... I totally am!!.

I care... I care about things and thoughts and things with thoughts

This is here for no good reason!
I love.... I love the friends in my world and jokes and my sports teams (maybe too much?... Dont let me find you on the street Greg Oden).... uh..... I love my family...  so much I would probably take a bullet for em. Thrown at me by hand... not shot. Thats crazy!

I believe..... I believe in the general good in people. I believe in ghosts and yeti and the possibility that grey hair will one day totally reverse and go back to its natural color....... I believe in an all female alien race that frequently abducts us male humans for procreation experimentation. And in case any of you aliens read my blog.... been working out!.... I believe in breakfast for dinner. (I do not however condone breakfast for lunch... you savages!!). I believe in reading the end of the book first only if its an audio book. And... I believe being a selfish lover is all mental ( so says my dentist)

I cry... At my favorite teams losses ..... or every time Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan fall off the wagon. I'm pullin for you guys!?! (this is funny cause this was originally written around Xmas time ...before he went crazy!! no amount of tears could help him now!) ....anyways... and then sometimes I cry for no reason... in the rain... on my knees.... hands up to the sky.... I weep. Totally all sensitive like!

and lastly I feel..... I feel a little older these days. Wiser? uhhh? Maybe. I feel like theres some secret waiting out there for me.... and some surprise is right around the corner (and not like when you get served court papers) And I feel hopeful to find it... or her.. or them... or the cure.... And you all will be the first to read about it. O ya one more I feel ticklish (so says my dentist)

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