Monday, March 21, 2011

Shopping list.....don't forget your coupons Steve

                                        Shopping List



some cereal --Fruity Pebbles

steak- New York strip


      hmmm! What else?



fake bacon flavored tofu... Im so Portland!!


Top Ramen- delicious

body butter-gotta stop by the "special" store for that

 Dove body wash for men. and a loufah


cookies if the girl scouts are there!

rope - non chew through-able

pancake batter

grab some hot sauce- makes you look tough


duct tape

bone saw

oh ya some diet soda pop too.... its almost swimsuit season.

I just realized I put my shopping list on here. Sorry........I didn't have any paper and I needed to write down what I needed so I just typed it here. Disregard this post....

All right so now I need to stop by the drug store....

Zanex.. for a friend

Prozac...uh for another friend

Flinstone vitamins... for me

                                                 man do they make a truth serum?

                                        I think thats it..

Oh I forgot to grab trash bags ....remember xtra strength this time ....strong enough for me to get at least half the body of one of those Twilight people into it.... um .... hypothetically!

or maybe I should pay Nancy Grace a visit. news people or Twilighters were harmed in the making of this least not yet.

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  1. I really love BROCCOLI! I can lend you my bone saw, but I need it back... and as for the truth serum... I could make a truth spell. Could you get some Lexothan for me as well? :-D