Saturday, April 9, 2011

Revisiting the Text Messages Sent Incomplete by mistake Post 12-21-10

So the other day I was sending a text (cause in truth Im not much of a "caller") and what I meant to say was What r u doing?...  but I typed what r u and accidentally sent it....and phone died. Well a friend was confused and sent back..  What am I? Well I'm not an !*&$%@# like you've been lately Steve.....

 Fair enough ......But it got me thinking and what we have here is a potentially funny post!! So here is a quick list of bad beginnings to texts you shouldn't accidentally send and then have your phone die (in red)....... followed by what the rest of the message should have been...... 

I swear I could kill (for some Chinese food)

She said it was too small (for us to take home yet... but in a week or so we can take our puppy home)

Break out the whip (cream for this delicious apple pie I made)

Just got back from the doctor and it's really contagious and most people die (if you haven't had the immunization shots which I have)

Baby I met this girl (and she said she could give us a deal on our car insurance)

I'm not happy anymore (with our takeout Chinese place. I'm gonna try a new one tonight)

Hi honey I've got crabs (from the supermarket. Doesn't fresh crabcakes sound good tonight)

I'm gonna be late. It's just I don't care (to be one of those jerks that speed and swerve through traffic. That's dangerous! See ya soon)

Had fun last night. Great first date. Gotta admit I cant stop watching YOU (TUBE. You were right those videos are hilarious

Hey its the babysitter. Sorry to bug you guys but I can't find the baby ('s bottle. Do you know where you keep it?) 

              or the rare double early send. This is hard to explain               your way out of fellas. For example

Babe I will call ya in a bit. I'm in the middle of this 3 way
(intersection and I can't figure out which way to turn)

                                  followed by

I'm so getting screwed (by this GPS It's broken and I'm  late.. Man!!! But I love ya babe)

Oh well I will text you all later (the locations of the bodies)

So theres the post...... Lots of funny stuff on the internet as well about this.... Heres 3 I found real quick. They are a bit naughty but how can you not laugh...........


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