Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lets examine Sports and Pressure.....

So.... today's post is about golf. Kinda. In truth I am sitting here watching The Masters while writing this. One of my favorite things to do is watch a major golf tournament on a Sunday and watch people come unhinged. It happens all the time. People freak out and totally melt down..... live..... in front of your eyes. Right Rory McIlroy? 

Its amazing this doesn't happen more often in life. The pressure!! Sometimes it does I guess... like when the pressure of getting away with a free fill up at the gas station takes you over. (maybe that's just me)..... or during most debates... when the candidates start loosing it and can't answer any of the questions. Wait... that is the reason right?... huh? Moving on. Well I got thinking about the biggest meltdowns in sports and more importantly what pressure makes our athletes do.... here ya go.

Pressure made Greg Norman come undone at the Masters.

Does anyone feel more pressure than the kicker? Remember laces out!

Even animals feel the pressure sometimes....
Buildings too....

But its about how you handle the pressure.... I think.... and some people don't handle it well. So when someone finally looses it, we get to witness some of the greatest viewing moments. And we all tune it and talk about it. Sheen anyone? I think its healthy. Nobody needs to be above watching the train wreck. ...... I say embrace the carnage. Thats right people.... It's why you all slow down when passing that last traffic accident... and sorry bout that one by the way ...... anyways below are a few people who didn't handle the pressure all so well.

Tyson went all cannibal.
Ron Artest decided to give some fans some extra attention.

O.J.  applied knife pressure.

Ricky Bobby ...... pretty much lost it.
Pressure to win... caused these two to get "creative" with their routine. The judges however just found it mean spirited.

Bobby Knight always handled it his way.

So did McEnroe.

Different kind of pressure... but he handled it.

I guess it is what it is. Pressure in sports is here to stay. And its not just sports. Its in all of our lives. And will be forever. So cheers to you all hoping that the pressure doesn't get to you.
Pressure 1  Chad 0

Have a great pressure free day everybody!!!

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