Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding/ Worst Wedding Ever Post

Hey everybody guess what happened this week..... The Royal Wedding.. Did you hear about it? Well I'm guessing by now you have. You probably even know a few friends who stayed up all night to watch Live!!!! So I thought and I thought..... whats my take on this going to be. Should I do a funny weddings post? Should I talk about how weddings like this put unrealistic dreams of what a wedding should be to girls around the globe? You are screwed fellas!! Or should I do what I do best.... put wedding photos up on here? Awful ones. Lets do that. So.....enjoy everybody....

Picture one....Classy creepy scary rednecky wedding... They spared no expense...
Germ-aphobey wedding. You should see what they wore on their wedding night?

Hey hookers get married too...

And porn stars.... Hey don't judge them. HE found true love.... 

All right but what about theme weddings? Sure their always fun for the wedding party.... maybe not so much the guests. I myself am planning on a Lost themed wedding or maybe a Family Guy themed wedding or... scratch that ... those who know me, better get ready for a Survivor wedding. Its great I just have to provide rice..... and I can't wait to vote out my craziest family members........its gonna be the best.... um..... back to the photos!

Even nerds get married.... 
and a Shrek wedding I guess... makes sense? No.

Nerds everywhere just excused themselves.
WTF!!! Those brides maids were less than thrilled about the bridesmaid corsets! A hell wedding.... at least they weren't fooling themselves about the years to come.
Underwater wedding... Now this is just kinda cool.

So everyone as you can see, theme weddings pretty much rock. However.... what other wedding snapshots might I have uncovered. I found some good ones people. For example this next one.... it may be tough to look at. It may make you cringe...... so ....... your welcome.

She wont be taking this off at the bar any time soon...... genius!!!

Best best best and even a fourth best dress ever!! He was such a lucky groom!!!

They made beautiful babies. Who knew?

This bride gave the absolute best speech ever!!!! She 's just freekin crazy!
She had a life size cake made of herself? Shockingly, she went with vanilla? Weird.
Finally a bridesmaid dress you can reuse...... They just have no idea where.  

and lastly let me leave you with a couple photos of weddings that I am looking deep into my crystal ball and predicting..... they probably wont stand the test of time..... You be the judge.
He's hella fun though

And then this guy.... I mean really? I guess he doesn't let something as silly as a wedding stop his game. Well played....d-bag! Well played!

Thanks everybody...... gotta go find someone.... to start planning my Survivor themed wedding with. Blog ya later.


  1. Well, Steve, I was looking for some inspiration, but now I'm not so sure about marriage anymore...

  2. Ah RCB..... Don't give up hope... Marriage is a "life changing experience" ... 9 out of 10 divorcee's will tell you.