Monday, April 18, 2011

The worst douchebags I could find on the internet....

I realized recently I haven't done enough posts for the ladies. And oh how I love my female readers. 

So I thought and I thought and...... Well here is a picture list of all the worst douchebags I could find on the internet. You can thank me later ladies....... 

 SIDE NOTE..... For all you women who this look works to impress..... you need to set down your weird daddy issues, take down your big hair, step out of the spray tan booth and take a long look in the mirror. Cause these guys suck..... big time.... and you should only want to take a cold shower after meeting these guys not drop your panties..... just sayin.   

 Anyways..... Here we go....... cue the douchebags!

First off we have "Classic douchebag". 
Just look at the intensity!

Then there's "Gothic Douchebag". 
Wait is that fishnet? Nice! 
Bonus side note about this guy-  He is currently the fastest fry cook at the east side Wendy's. 

Then there's "Facial/Chest hair douchebag"...  
Man you should see what he's got going on down below!!
And then we have "Pudgey, dumb looking, stupid ass, wanna punch him in the face and then...... whoa!.... sorry! I got carried away! He's just another douchebag."

By the way that is his official title!

Oh ya for point of reference....actual douche!

Now check it out close..... we have "The Real Life Batman D-bag"
Well at least the "tool-belt" is accurate!

This is surprisingly entertaining.... and sad...... and weird? 
But what about movie and celebrity douchebags you ask? 
Well alright lets see.....

There's The Roxbury guys.... 
Clearly d-bags... but funny!

 And then Ben Stiller in Dodgeball!
 By the way have I mentioned I love the movie Dodgeball. 
Anyways he was such a douchebag... 
with some serious food issues!!!

And then here we have Biff from Back to the Future!! 
Classic douche.

And Bill Paxon in True Lies..... sleazy douche.

Glenn Gulia from The Wedding Singer....
... was absolute classic 80's Miami Vice style douchebag!

Hmm who else.... 
How bout these "fathers nightmares!"... er.... douches!

"Cool hair douchebag?" 
You just know this guy kicks the dog... or maybe grandma? 
What an ass! I'm betting he has a tramp stamp.

And then Jersey Shore..... 
An entire show about douchebags!!!
Once reviewed as   "The Godfather.... but of douchebag cinema...
just without the acting, directing or any of the watch-ability?!"

And yes there are lady douchebags..... 
Often.... kinda hot. 
 In maybe a "going out before her shift at the club starts" 
kind of way... 

We have "Professional athlete douchebags!"

And then of course..... Quagmire- (One hilarious d-bag) 
And who doesn't love Family Guy.... right? 
Well.... apparently douchebags DON'T...
 Its often "too intellectual for them..."
my sources tell the blog.

And as we wind down here.... I thought I should share this douchebag-mobile! 
Which sadly exists....  and is driven around by (you guessed it)
.... a grade A d-bag!

       SO..... sadly and finally.... who is the worst douche I found?

This guy. 
I mean who does this for a picture....... 
Apparently douchebags do.

That's it for today.
Happy douching... and blog ya'll later!


  1. they have won life...

  2. hahahha poor bastards


    kneel before lord of the douchebags

  4. That guy is AWESOME!!! He is the d-bag king for sure!!