Thursday, April 7, 2011

The worst seats I could find on the internet


Well.... those of you who know me well, aside from being subpoenaed occassionally, know I enjoy sports. I love watching the game... but more than just watching, I really like being there. I get into it. Now Im not quite at paint my chest obsessed level yet.... but maybe one day? 

From the people who gave us
Anyways, game tickets aren't cheap.... and since my handerpants investments havent made me rich (call me if you would like a pair!!) I am forced to buy cheaper seats sometimes. Some pretty bad ones. So all this got me thinking...  maybe I can find a couple worse seats out there. You know to make myself feel better  Here we go... bad seats!!!!

This would pretty much suck...huh? Thats a bad seat.

Wow its like your right there!! Not really. Nah.... thats also a bad seat.

This one I actually cant believe they sell tickets to sit at.
Uh oh!!! Do you see where this post is headed!

Now this is a surprising seat isn't it?

And then theres this seat...... Good Old Sparky!

Probably be seeing you one day....

Now in fairness to seats everywhere..... sometimes its not the seat. Its the people who have the seats near you.... for example .......

next to this guy.

or behind this soccer fan. Comprende?

 What about a boat. Surely theres plenty of room. On a nice peaceful voyage out to sea..... right?
Not on this cruise!!

and then theres just plain uncomfortable seats........ 

and Im guessing any seat at the following restaurants would qualify as one of the worst.... don't you think?

What could they possibly make that would taste good with those ingredients?

Speaking of restaurants.......... avoid this special.

In fairness this post is headed nowhere pleasant..... fast!! So lets get back on point. Back to the worst seats... Heres one....
Now thats a bad seat
Not a good seat.

Honorable mention.

But the worst seat I could find on the internet is..... this absolutely wonderful advertisement at a business conference.

I would love to know what food is being served in there? Rumor has it it was corn.  (too far?)

I could probably go on and on with this, and will, but next week cause every Wednesday will be the worst of something day...... lets see..... next week... should it be worst body hair on the internet, or worst muffin tops,..........or worst nose jobs.... the list is endless.... I love it!  Blog ya later!

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