Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Bin Laden post

Well Bin Laden is now dead......... apparently he was hiding out in Pakistan these past 10 years. Huh..... Now that just makes sense. Pakistan isn't even on the Risk board...... 
that's genius! It's amazing we ever caught him.....
But I (as well as the ever increasing strength of Google Maps) had faith it would happen someday. Basically it's like Hollywood & network TV teach us all.... we always get our bad guy with the possible exception of Verbal Kint and maybe the gopher from Caddyshack.

 ...Anyways I'm sure by now he's unresting in a place hotter and more misserable than most of the middle east. Even better, now that his "reign of asshole" is over he wont get to do any of those things he loved to do ...... again. And that makes me happy.

No more camel races. 

No more tagging himself in facebook photos next to fake WMD's..... Man that used to drive George W crazy!! 

No more Friday Night Car Revs... its basically where he and his buddies would needlessly rev their car engines just to waste gas, all the while wearing their "Suck it Western Civilization" T-shirts

No more sand castles.... he was quite talented though!

No more danger Jenga. You know a whole Jenga tower built outta peoples chopped off fingers. Just a hint... the thumbs are the hardest to get out.


and No more patchwork quilting... I know I thought it was weird too....

Its over. We got him....  .... Hmm.... Well what now? Who becomes Americas public enemy number one now?

 Kim Jong Il  maybe  

or the Somali pirates...... that makes sense. But they kinda suck and don't even make people walk planks or wear any eye patches. Imposters!!   Plus its not even close to a fair fight...

or maybe the NFL owners..... I mean if their isn't any season this year they will definitely become my public enemy number one...

You know maybe we should just get back to better handling our own issues. I don't know? Maybe we could start checking for our 2012 Presidential candidates birth certificates now. Apparently they take a really long time to locate. Who knew?

But in all honesty........ I'm so happy Bin Laden finally got what he had coming to him..... did I crave his blood? No. I'm more of an eye for an eye kinda guy. Killing him seemed a bit too easy. I wanted him to suffer ...  I would have been just as happy had we captured him and forced him to live with the Kardashians or something. 

Maybe put him on the Amazing Race with Gary Bucey ..... or I know!!.... have him spend one season on Americas Next Top Model... man would he have hated every second of that! And then.... I guess we coulda offed him...

Regardless it was a good day for world safety and a good day for our President.... who I thought gave a great speech....no joke .... and maybe just maybe moving on..... we can all look forward to our TSA airport pat downs being just be a bit more relaxed.

Blog ya'll later.

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