Friday, June 10, 2011

The cake post

Its simple I enjoy cake...... who doesn't? Everybody enjoys a tasty little slice from time to time... I mean the celebrities definitely do..... For example Mr T loves cake so much he had one made of just his head!  .....
And so does Val Kilmer. He loves cake so much he is literally storing cake in a squirrel with its nuts.  Kirstie Alley loves cake too.  In fact I heard a rumor that Kirstie is actually made up of cake. But I figured as much!....... 
Now... speaking of cake and sources tell me Lindsey Lohan loves cake so much she's even been trying to snort dried out frosting... That's just sad .....And keeping with the washed up teen celebrities bandwagon....  Christina Aguillera apparently has rediscovered cake....lots of it!!  

          But what of her old nemesis Brittany Spears and cake? She finally traded in her love of good old Betty Crocker for Betty Ford........good for her (and bad for us... cause I'm guessing we are about to hear her sober comeback album... dear god no!).... 

Ah whatever....cake is just tasty... Now go grab a big glass of milk or whiskey and pills (whatever helps you read this blog) and cut off a big piece of Pillsbury deliciousness..... its time to check out all the cakes I found out there on the internet.

Lets start with this one. 

Now obviously cakes mark special life moments.... but...  this is probably one moment too far....
Dont worry he had a C-section cake ready also I'm told?

And some cakes celebrate people.... or more specifically... their body parts
The butt cake

The booty cake... apparently there are differences. I just don't see it?
Or sometimes its just the whole body
The funeral cake. I love this idea. In fact when my time comes..... I guarantee  I  will have this at my funeral. Nothing  would make me happier in the afterlife than knowing ALL of me was being enjoyed.

Dont worry smoking granny. We just got started on yours!

Now in truth.... there are cakes for almost every reason.  Birthdays, weddings, retirement.... my ex had one made when I moved out even ........ but what are some other quality cake reasons?

Tough way to get canned.... if only they had payed more attention to the cake below..... they might still have their jobs.

The sexual harassment cake. Delicious... and informative! But.........  that cake better want it!! I mean if it wants to move up in this company it better want it... and wear something more low cut!!!!

The rarely seen classic..... mom you must be so proud!

The congratulations your life took a morally loose turn cake

but that cake frequently leads to this cake

worst cake ever!

ah man..... not all cakes are bad or weird though. Some cakes are just perfect the way they are
Pac Man cake.... is perfect the way it is

The Tom Selleck cake is awesome and tasty... but I could do without the hairy filling

Star Wars cake is cool.... right nerds?

But wait....a video game cake AND a mail order bride on the same day....  now that's this nerds best day ever!

This just in. Sadly it didnt work out for the nerd and his new wife. It got ugly I'm told.... and she left him...... and left him this cake. 

Poor guy

He wasn't happy about this.... so he sent her a a cake.

The sister!!! 

That was headed down a strange road... and before I can find the "Restraining order cake"... lets find some happier cakes... shall we.

Gay cake is awesome and super gay!!!
Sushi cake is awesome.... and... actually scratch that...... this is nasty. This cake inevitably leads to this cake
Damn you sushi cake!

well let me leave you all these final few terrible cakes
Set your face on fire cake

The tied up in bed cake...... really?
The animal cake...Now this is perfect to bring to that vegan friends dinner party.....They will hate it!! but hey there's no meat here! Here's a tip...Save them the face...
the rat cake...  all hairy... and disease riddled....  delicious
the stripper cake.... all hairy... and disease riddled.... delicious 
and the your gonna die cake...... too much hairy livin.... and too much disease. Oh well we will see you in the afterlife..... wherever you end up 

blog ya'll later

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