Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 things I learned in San Diego

So just a quick update from down here in San Diego. Here are the 8 things I have noticed so far.

1. San Diego weather is so so perfect...... it makes me hate everyone who lives here year round. Its not fair. They should at least get a tornado season or something?

2. When you haven't surfed in 10 years....... well lets just say its not like riding a bike. I swear I almost drowned.

3. Frisbee golf is really really huge down here.... and the course in Balboa is awesome..... a special late shoutout to the guy I hit with my disc. FORE!

4. My brother Scott and I can still do an effective bar crawl..... from what I'm told! Though Id skip that last bar next time. I still cant find my favorite underwear!

5. Creepy old beach guys love to Rollerblade! .... and people in costume for some reason?

6. You should probably ask if you are at a nude beach before you assume you are at one. Again.... it was an honest mistake officer.

7. I had an amazing "California burrito!!" It was delicious!....but seriously burrito place..."Is a 2lb burrito necessary?"

8.and finally.... the rooms on the Crystal Pier are kinda spendy but awesome!!!! And the staff is very friendly....."Thanks for the hospitality guys... and sorry bout the fire!"

Anyways gotta run......... headed out on the town in Pacific Beach today.... but then headed north to the waterpark tomorrow... and I have something horrible... er... wonderful in mind for you all about that. Until then.... blog ya'll later!


  1. @lemons make lemonade.... thanks! I hope that helpful hint helps all future "extreme tanners" like me.

  2. What is the point of going to a nude beach then?

  3. San Diego sounds like some place to be in!
    I really like your blog.

  4. There is something not quite right about that fellow in a Batman costume. I can't put my finger on it and don't really want to.

  5. Don't drown on us, Steve, but thank you very much (NOT) for confirming what's been happening to our tough guy Batman. I'd already spotted him doing something like this...

    ...and it's so disappointing. Suffice it to say I don't want anyone's help next time I'm in Gotham City.

    P.S. Are you sure the rolling Bat isn't wearing your favorite underwear? Just trying to help :)

  6. Obviously roller blading does a body good from the looks of the guy in that photo. Now I'm wondering where my old skates are.

    The first time I saw one of those mega burritos was in Manhatten Beach back in 75. It was impressive- and big enough for 2 to split.

    And for God's sake quit trying to surf. You can't hang ten with a walker. I've tried.

  7. A frisbee golf tattoo is like a tattoo of a fishing rod.

  8. @ Dr. Heckle.... I agree totally. Make every beach a nude beach America!
    @Delilah.... thank you. You are always welcome here. Thats as long as the killer dogs don't get to you!
    @Gorilla Bananas.... Im guessing he would really like you to put your finger on it!
    @RCB... excellent point. The rolling bat must have my bat-thong!! Damn you batman. Damn you!!
    @Bodacious Bonner... Hang ten with a walker? haha... Now that is a photo im gonna go google!!
    @ Fred Miller.... true... or a croquet set maybe?