Friday, October 21, 2011

Nomore Gaddafi.... The Kinda Real Story

We break from the norm today to discuss breaking freekin news. Gaddafi the ex-Libyan dictator has been killed.  Yup.... he was found in a hole.... Apparently he didnt study up enough on what happened to Saddam when he was in his hole..... but whatever. 

And so the Libyan people rejoiced today. 

You see, Rebels had already  months before, seized what little power the fallen leader had left by taking over his home.... There they spent countless hours swimming in the ex-dictators abandoned tear-water pool. Cannonball!! And just when they were about to run out of that delicious dark "tastes like chicken"  camel meat in Gaddafi gold fridge.... they started to feel empty inside...  Something didn't feel right... Still there was no blood. And they NEEDED Gaddafi dead..  

Well on October 20th  (and after many kinda weird celebration sign choices) they finally got their vengeance. Sources told this blog its official.... Moammar Gaddafi is now Nomore......  Gaddafi.... and I for one am very happy for that. He was truly a horrible man. But rather than focus on all the bad stuff here on this blog, I though we could look back and remember him our way.........

As the snappy dresser he was......
  And what a fashion sideways man he really was....

He was simply a man always looking to impress. 
Like here..... I betcha Obama was feeling crazy under dressed that day?  So score one for Gaddafi!!!

And then here.... wearing this.... thing.....

Side note- You know who could always pull off wearing a kinda tiger striped mumu after labor day?
uh....  That scamp Gaddafi always could...

As the years went on, Gaddafi... or....  "One man looking to change the world with a wardrobe" as he was known in certain terrorist sewing circles... became almost obsessed with finding "his look". 

A look, he hoped,  that would one day help him get cast on his favorite show.......
.... and then he could finally let that 
"little dictator underneath" out to perform!!! 
(not a penis reference)

But sadly he would never make it on the show. He just didn't make the cut...... Plus they said his choice of camera makeup made him look "cheap and whorish"....

He was crushed.... Devastated!  Being that fashion and dictating was all he new.... He turned to the people closest to him... Rekindling that "fashion joy".... but in others.  Like the time he upgraded the fashion level in all his bodyguards...

  By hiring super attractive models to protect him!
(And no.... This isn't a joke!! He actually did this!!!)
It's just another example of his pure dedication to fashion
   that made such perfect sense to him....

But....  in truth....  you know what else makes kinda a lot of sense??..... How easily those rebels broke into his compound!

 whatever.... lets move on.......

Back to the fashion..... You see for him it was always about the clothes...... and the killing ...... but always right back to the clothes... that defined him....
In fact he was starting to get his friends interested in beauty and fashion before they met untimely deaths.... as well.
And NO!! Saddam didn't even place!

And that's it... A bad man he was (of course).... but I like to think a little bit more..... and I hope this helps to put that side of him into some sort of perspective..... So as we say goodbye to Gaddafi.... I think we should take a quick second to remember who his death now most affects......

The makers of the ugly couches out there....
And the creators of the "hideous curtains"  as well....
Cause now there's just no need for anyone to buy them just for their fabric......

blog ya'll later


  1. He's going to make a comeback, mark my words. A man who wears frocks won't stay out the limelight for long.

  2. ...and I hear he was an incredible farter.

  3. "One man looking to change the world with a wardrobe"... now funny, Steve! I wouldn't mind those red-capped body guards guarding my body, though. Great post, bud!

  4. P.S. In case you were wondering, what does 'now funny' mean, somehow the word in between - THAT'S - kind of disappeared somewhere in blog space. O one more thing, I always thought Elvis' jungle room displayed the worst taste on the planet, but I'm glad to know now someone actually topped him ten-fold. I'm sure he would say, 'Thank you very much, Steve.'

  5. Lady Gaga could learn a thing or two from him...His fashion, just to clarify. I'd rather Gaga not turn blood thirsty.

  6. A man who dresses like that is destined for....bad things!

    Side note...I never who this man was until he was dead! I don't watch much news.

  7. Thanks for putting this all together. You really helped put this guy in perspective. I always thought it odd that a fellow who held absolute power over his people could never manage to get promoted to a position higher than colonel. At least now I don't need to worry whether his name begins with a "G" or a "K" or a "Q."

  8. haha really put him into perspective, those poor accountants pretending to be style creators with their ugly couches, are now going to be out of work...haha great post.

  9. I have never been able to wrap my head around how a once attractive fit evil dictator could have turned into that whacked out, silky mumu wearing, bloated specimen he was at the end. No self-respecting evil dictator would let themselves go like that!