Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Denver

Just a quick one today. 
So I spent the weekend in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. It was great ...In fact both cities are now a couple of my favorite spots. And come to think of it....  much better than the last town I visited.  You know judging by the name I totally expected a sexier kinda "romantical visit" .....

Sadly not so much....
 It is however almost a mecca for the "working women" if you know what I mean.....

and if you dont.....

Well here's one........
 "She had a heart of gold though".... one source taking a really really long shower afterwards told me?

But whatever.... I went to a game at the University of Colorado... Which was great.... and even better was when they run their buffalo around the field before the game and at halftime.....

Thats Ralphie the buffalo ... their Mascot..... and probably one day... their future burger meat.
But it got me re-appreciating what a great mascot can be.... So much better than some....

For example this guy.... Who sadly cant mascot within 500 feet of any school since "the incident"
But overall it was a good trip. I got to meet my ladies friends.... Who were all nice enough and I like to think I fit right in........

Kinda like this guy did.
Sidenote- This guy took first prize in Personality Building.

So to sum it all up today......
Colorado- great
The town of Intercourse- deeply disappointing
Ralphie the buffalo- delicious
The Roofy Mascot- cant remember
oh ya and Bodybuilding-  still creepy as hell

Blog ya'll later


  1. I might be wrong but didn't Oregon play in that game? I watched briefly and I think I remember the buffalo. And you're right; they ARE tasty!

  2. I feel so sorry for that poor little guy.... probably because he looks an awful lot like me.

    Just have him run around a lot with Ralphie and then eat him. I'm sure he'll bulk right up

  3. How ironic would it be if that buffalo mauled the starting QB?

    I will be sure to stay away from the town of Intercourse!

  4. That working woman looks as if she's been working too hard. I hope you offered to give her a rubdown or something.

  5. Okay, so he's not muscular like everyone else, but why isn't he orange like the others?

  6. Dude, you suck. I graduated from CU Boulder and miss my native CO like crazy now that winter is setting in here in Chicago. P.S. Don't tell too many people how awesome Denver is. I still hope to be able to afford living there when I move back in a couple years...

  7. I LOVE that "Intercourse" used to be known as "Cross Keys" and they thought, "yeah, Intercourse is way better than Cross Keys." Yet it's still boring? Missed opportunity.

  8. One source taking a really really long shower afterwards told you, huh? Well, I believe you Steve. Everyone else who doesn't... give the guy the benefit of the doubt, will ya! :)

  9. That bitch scared amount of showering would help but then I'm picky:D

  10. Over the years we've spent a lot of time in Colorado. In the summertime there are more Texans there than native Coloradoans.(?)

    We really love the ski towns. But in all our time there we never found any good Mexican food. The last time we were in Aspen we ordered nachos. They served us pot roast on chips covered with cheese. It was unwonderful.

  11. I'm really laughing at these pictures! Ha! That poor guy. :( That lady actually kind of scared me. Ahhh!!!

  12. I took that highway past Intercourse, Pennsylvania on a regular run to Delaware for several years. I always watched for the sign. Cheered me up every time.

  13. I feel like there's a premature ejaculation joke in here somewhere that I can't exactly find.

    Or maybe I just really want there to be.


  14. @Stephen Hayes... ya Oregon did play and killed em...

    @Angie... you are welcome!!

    @JOutlaw... that guy could use a few buffalo burgers for sure

    @danjor21...If Im honest I was hoping the buffalo would break free and charge someone the whole time... one day Im sure he will.

    @Gorilla Bananas.... no rubdown... I swear!!!

    @Debra She Who Seeks... hahaha Hilarious and really true!!

    @A Beer for the Shower... I thought it was awesome and yes I will keep it a secret!!

    @Pickelope... total missed opportunity!!! Town naming fail!

    @RCB... I swear it was this one guy I know...

    @The Angry Lurker... my sources tell me shes available?

    @BodasciousBoomer... those nachos sound bad... but the word "unwonderful" is now in my vocab so thanks!

    @indonesian batik... thanks!

    @Kelley... I think that lady scared all of us!!

    @Fred Miller.... it is on my towns I wanna drive through list

    @Lorraine..... haha when isnt there a good time for that joke?

  15. hahaha I laugh hard looking at those picture... hilarious

  16. That working girl picture scared me.

  17. That girl scared me!!