Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy From the Mind of a Mad Man!

All this 'Occupy Wall Street' (or rather 'Occupy Portland' where I'm from) protesting has inspired me.
I have decided that.....I am OCCUPYING FROM THE MIND OF A MAD MAN!!  I plan to occupy this blog until its main author follows through with his promises to catch up on Dexter!! (yes, I am protesting a lack of watching a TV show based on a serial killer.....)  Until he is current with this season, CONSIDER THIS BLOG OCCUPIED!!! (still not sure what that really means though....I'll figure it out....hopefully.....)

Sincerely, Patrick (image guy)

P.S. I do hope this occupation is much more sanitary than the one shown above...we'll see....


  1. So this blog is oppressing the TV watcher and rigging the TV system to prevent you from achieving entertainment dreams!?! Occupy this blog! I'm camping out.

  2. I always assumed that this blog WAS occupied. Thanks for the update.

  3. Do you set up tents and stuff too? Watch about marching and popping up and down a little sign on a stick? Dexter might not get watched for another year if you do all of that..haha

  4. So are occupying a blog that you are not the author of? I always thought the image guy's name was Steve! Oh well!

    Occupy everything!

  5. @danjor21 Steve is the Author and Mad Man, I (Patrick) am the Photoshop guy, occasional contributor, and former occupier.