Monday, October 31, 2011

The Halloween Post

Happy Halloween Everybody! 

That favorite holiday of Prozac popping neighborhood goth kids everywhere is finally here!!

Yep that special day Wiccans everywhere circle on their calendar.

A day filled with increasingly shrinking costumes.....
A day that now even has its own closing ceremony..... 
...... or as many call it the next morning...
"The Walk of Shame Parade"  

 a day to forget your O.C.D. medication... 
and decorate..... your way!!
A day to visit a haunted house .....
or a Walmart super sale.... really cant tell by this picture?

A day to make the biggest pile of halloween candy possible....

By whatever means necessary.

A day to fight crime...... then take a second to catch your breath..... then fight crime again.

A day to finally be naked in the ball pit... without the cops getting all involved..

A day to dress up your animals.

Or your kids....
I would have gone with the menthol's personally?

It's a day to paint your face creatively....
Or get creative painting other parts..... 
Its a day to finally unveil your "fart pants"!
Like this guy, who sources say went home alone, did....

Its a day to make a human centipede costume....
Wait!!!!! There is no acceptable day to ever make one of these!!!
 Completely disregard this photo and NEVER date this woman!!

 ...... Its a day for tricks.....

And a day for treats....

Its a day perfect for letting your kid out of its cage.....
Or for finally breaking out that weirdly inappropriate Halloween costume.

But whatever this holiday is to you..... just enjoy it....
 with the ones you love.....

Or I guess the ones you don't......

And think of those weird Emo neighbor kids......
Cause after tonight..... they have a full year of very
"uncomfortable holidays" ahead of them. 

.... Happy Halloween everybody.... and blog ya'll later.


  1. Thanks for the great laughs. You and so many other bloggers are doing so many great things to make me chuckle that I'm really going to miss Halloween when its over.

  2. Thanks for the belly laugh Steve. Gotta get me one of those twister costumes (and two of them shrinking costume models)

    Happy Halloween!

  3. Looks like Batman and Robin may have had a bit too much candy to eat. 'Now riddle me this, Robin!' Great twister outfit, though. Just make sure you know who to play that game with!

  4. I like the girl in the Twister picture. She's not ashamed to show her protective side.

  5. That dude has balls. Like literally. Like A LOT OF BALLS.

  6. You find the best pics sir, Happy Halloween.

  7. hahaha some fun pics here, that human centipede I wouldn't want to meet in any alley and yeah that dude has balls, maybe one too many.

  8. those pics are awesome!

    happy halloween

  9. That was spectacular...sorry, radio and commercials have taught me that it's "spooktacular". The Tetris guys are probably my favorite.
    Thank you for aggregating all those into a great narrative. Well done.

  10. Not very many of those I'd let my kids wear...but I LOVE the Tetris one.

    Great post!

  11. the best halloween blog entry ever.. loved the witch and breast thing.. (may nick it!!!)

    thanks again

  12. Ahhh, just the visual post recap of the day I was looking for.

  13. Is that guy riding a dog? Because that's been my lifelong dream. I have lofty goals, you see.

  14. These were so good!! I laughed out loud over and over. I'm not sure which one was my favorite. Very creative people you've got for us to see. I really, really like the Ichabod Crane dog. Ha!

  15. OMG! The Human Centipede. I made the enormous mistake of watching that epic. My eyes! My eyes!

  16. That had me smiling more than once. :-)


  17. No wonder Batman has gone through three Robins in the comics. By the looks of it, he's been devouring the poor little bastards.

  18. ahahahaha these were all hilarious, Steve!

  19. Weird - sometimes wildly inappropriate - pictures. LOL Thanks for sharing!