Friday, November 4, 2011

Goodbye Occupation!

While the Cease and Desist letter sent earlier didn't phase me, recent events have caused me to really think hard about what this occupation is all about.
Damn you Mad Man!
I have come to the realization that I, like many of the other occupiers out there, don't really know why I'm occupying anymore.  I used to have a clear(ish) goal....I think....but now I'm not so sure.....I'm getting kind of sick of camping out.....I long for my solar panels and granola......
Besides, work called and I guess we're moving out again!  On to the next blog I suppose!  Time to load up....
And move on to the next occupation!
Oh, and you mind running a vacuum through here once we're gone?  Didn't really have time to clean up...

OCCUPATION FROM THE MIND OF A MAD MAN officially....over....


  1. I'm all for protests, but I think this latest movement lacks clarity of purpose. If they're protesting Wall Street, then why are they squatting in public parks. I read somewhere that Portland has spent a million dollars cleaning up after these people and Oakland is spending four million, not counting money lost from the closing of their port. Protests and revolutions are well and good, but historically their message is pirated by those interested in using the movement du jour as a power grab. I fear that this once noble outcry against corporate greed is being taken over by anarchists.

  2. Just a few minutes ago, I read that this blog was being occupied and now the occupation is already over!?

    It seems your patience to keep your attention on one thing is wearing thin! I don't blame you, as soon as one idea pops up, a better idea comes along. Hard to focus on one thing anymore!

  3. Yeah, it's too bad because initially these protests had a clear message.

    Now it looks like it's being run by idiots and hooligans.

  4. I think there's still a clarity of message but the media, being sensationalistic and lazy are only putting the whack-o's and fringe element in front of the camera. The fact they stayed past the freak snow storm speaks to a conviction.
    I hope they keep it up, but I enjoyed your brief but fun foray into your own occupation.

  5. About time!!!! I was about to send in my own riot police!!!