Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Baby Post.... and then Eventually "Baby's Being Planted?" (evil laugh)

Welcome back everyone....... its been a memorable and busy week. 

You see my brother Patrick... (who does the graphics on this here blog).....  had a baby boy. 

What a special and tiny-clothes filled time for the whole family....

Anyways.... speaking of my brother and babies....  
Im haunted... er reminded... of a certain photo he once made for me when I asked him to make a picture for ...
"The games you can play with your baby post"...

He made this....
A literal game you could play with your kid... Awe!!
Clearly he was ready to be a papa!!

And so now... a dad he is.... 

Now the hospital was pretty much a celebration of friends and family...... It was great...

Though.... somehow nobody appreciated the cake I brought?

Weird? Cause it was delicious!!!
But.... surprisingly chocolate?
 even though I thought I had ordered vanilla?
Moving on....

But whatever....the family is thrilled..... 
And my bother is now officially a proud dad! 
And everyone is so happy... 
And blah blah blah......
Lets move on to what really matters....  shall we?
Cause you see..... I am officially now... 
An Uncle! 
Yep just one more name to add to my growing list of titles....





Laser-disc stockholder!

Person of interest in an ongoing murder investigation?


now Uncle!!!

Its exciting! 

Cause its my first uncling!! (Do people say that?)

Anyways..... I slipped on my baby thinking slippers....

These ones...
And I put this quick post together.....
For you Patrick and Danielle

So congratulations on your little one........ 

You finally have someone to make all your own!!

Someone to go cruising around with.....

.....wherever you want to go!!!

Seriously...... wherever!!

Someone to teach things to...

Whatever those things are that are most important?

You have someone to make you laugh...  

And someone to teach sports to...

And you know.... someone to take funny photos with....

No matter how inappropriate?

But I joke.... I'm proud of you both... and happy.
 Joseph is in good hands..... and I have a strong uncling that your family garden will only continue to grow...... and yes I did say garden! 

Cause  "Baby's Being Planted" photos are all the rage!! 
Who knew?

So... that's it for today everybody...
Happy procreating....
and remember .... when it comes to babies...... your in control!!!!

Cause they cant do anything about it!!!
Blog ya'll later!


  1. Congrats on becoming an uncle...and to your brother for joining daddyhood!

    I just hope neither of you decide to subject the baby to such monstrosities displayed in this post...except for tether-baby! That looks like fun!

  2. LOL in control until they move, then you sorta lose that groove. Congrats on adding another name to the list, might want to rid yourself of that murder on though.

  3. Congratulations to your brother - better him than me - and those photos were wrong but funny.

  4. Ewww @ some of the pics, and ha ha ha ha ha!
    Congrats, Unka Steve!

  5. I wonder if there is a professional Baby-Tetherball league I can join...

  6. Haha congrats to your brother. All we need now is for you to be named godfather.

  7. there are so many wrong things in these pics, I Don't even know where to start....

  8. Congratulations! :D

  9. There's a card circulating around on the net... 'Congratulations on making a human with your genitals.'

    Cracks me up every time I've seen it.

    Congratulations Uncle Steve. My children have an Uncle Steve, too. He's a sanctimonious prick.

  10. Congrats to you and your brother and of course to his wife. Love the photos and all the things you can do with your kids. I never thought of playing tether ball with them! I would have to close my eyes to cut that cake. It is just too life-like.

  11. Don't worry about being an uncle - you don't have to do anything until the child is 3 years old and potty trained. In your case, you won't be allowed to do anything until then.

  12. You make me want to buy you a beer, 'cause I think it could get even more outrageous if we added beer to it. :-)



  13. Uncling is now officially a word! Thank you!

    That cake is disturbing but it's cake. I'd eat it. With my eyes closed.

  14. From now on we'll call you Uncle Steve! Gnetch is right... that cake is seriously disturbing. Damn!

  15. LOL! ;D that cake looks awesome ;DD loved the pics.

    Congrats on Uncling ;DD

  16. Congratulations to your brother but also to the super funny uncle! :-)

  17. Uncling, eh? Congratulations, my friend. It's officially your duty during the teenage years to buy them all the semi-legal, dangerous crap their parents never will.

  18. congrats sir and also, those baby foot slippers are awesome!

  19. Uncles are always the cool ones! The expression on the baby looking at the Playboy mag is hilarious!

  20. These pictures are exactly why I should never be allowed to have kids.