Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Post Just Cause

I haven't posted this week...
But that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you all....
Cause I have been....

Just not at all like how this guy has been...

No.... you see I was busy moving first part of the week....

And I think we got everything finally moved....

Which was good because the trampoline was becoming just way to painful at the old place....


But the move is done.....
Which is great.... 
And my girlfriend is happy!
Cause she's freekin exhausted!

But whatever... that was just the beginning of the week.
The biggest development this weekend was I added a new title to my name....




Portland Trailblazer Fan

Reckless Narcoleptic

Person of Interest in an Ongoing Investigation

and now....

Dance Night Club Promoter....

I know what you are thinking....

Dear god what kind of a dance night is this gonna be?

Well...... to be fair....

Its gonna have a little bit of everything.....

Hopefully not everything?

Anyways Im gonna get back on track with posting...
In fact I am working on a special post... about "really bad days" 
for soon..
So till then.... blog ya'll later.


  1. Ooooo, git down wit yer bad self! Boogie on! (As you can tell, it's been a while since I've been in a dance night club).

  2. Oh yeah! You and richard simmons will get along great..hahaha

  3. I can't wait to hear about it.

  4. haha your pictures tell the story perfectly, that reindeer trampoline looks temperpedic soft

  5. Glad to see you survived the trampoline!! LOL!

  6. Hilarious. You'd be a great promoter. Sounds like the move went well.

  7. Do tell us more lol... you should be able to get some good posts out of Dance Night Club Promoter!

  8. I can't wait to hear about your "really bad days".

  9. I would be at any dance night that you promoted. Every night. Dancing round the clock, from dawn til dusk.

    Also, I have awarded you a blog award that I created with my own immature brain. Feel free to accept it, or just pretend it never happened.

  10. following,, i think its best.

  11. Funny post! Cranface recommended your blog and I am glad he did!

  12. Hi there, Steve! I guess by now you will have guessed that my AA meetings are actually Antlers in my Ass meetings. Delete that. Ouch! Get rid of that trampoline! Thank you, girlfriend!