Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mind of a Madman- Travel Blog

So its been oddly quiet on here lately...
And that can really mean only one thing....

 Nope not "quitters rehab again!"

No it means I've been preparing to turn this here blog back into .....

The Travel blog it was always meant to be!!!!!

Yep the kind of blog that celebrates all.....
 "the wonders of traveling".....

And maybe some of the less wonderful things too!

A travel blog that lets us....
 ... really get to know all "the local people"....

And often times..... far far too closely?
But whatever....
Its gonna be great!
This blog is once again gonna give us helpful tips for all kinds of you travelers.....

Like remember that one article we did a while back called....

"How to Fish Using Your Tiger"

In hindsight.... that was probably recklessly dangerous...
We apologize to Ethel from Minnesota who tried this....
Once again.... "Your left leg will be missed!" 

Ooooh..... or remember last year when I did that other travel article called......
"Packing Crazy Cat-Lady Style"

Man was that helpful...
And then kinda sad...
as poor Fluffy never made it all the way to Thailand?
I mean how could the airline loose that bag!!!
I will never forget the smell when they finally found it..
uh.... sorry.... lets just move on.....
You see......
 I've just always wanted to have a travel blog....
 And if I think about it... it's always been in my blood...
From way back when I was little....

And my parents got me that airplane rocking horse....
Man.... I knew I was bound to have a love of travel.

That..... and maybe an unhealthy love of adult rocking horses....
But really.... lets not focus on that shall we...

Lets focus on the travel....
Cause Im headed to Europe
First stop..... French Alps to ski......
And I am soooooo ready

I even got my ski tattoo touched up!!

So anyways.... We are off to go board a plane.....

And fly.....
So more to come.... very soon!
blog ya'll later!


  1. Ah, here you are! I hope you have a new kitty to take with you this trip - I'm sure your journeys just wouldn't be the same without a stinking suitcase. To quote a friend of mine, who, when walking through a cloud of decaying animal stench, inhaled deeply and said

    "Ahhhh the sweet smell of death..."

  2. I would so buy that airplane rocking horse.

    1. To hell with that airplane rocking horse....I want the adult version!

  3. I'm waiting in breathless anticipation of reports from your travels if they are as entertaining as reports you provide being stationary.
    The look on the face of the guy sitting next to fat passed out dude is priceless.

  4. You should get a tattoo for every place you visit!

  5. LOL that rocking horse helps someone with their fetish, tiger fishing sounds like fun too.

  6. Have fun and remember... nothing says classy American like black socks with sandals.

  7. awesomeeeeee!!!! can't wait to hear about your travels - are you making it over to germany?

  8. I always enjoy your posts. Please keep them coming.

  9. Is that rocking horse some kind of antique sex toy? I suppose you wouldn't get splinters if they sanded it properly.

  10. that sounds awesome! have a great time and can't wait to hear all about your trip! :)

  11. Can't wait to hear all about your trip! Have tons of fun.

  12. so I think you should give a heads up for travel destinations that challenges may be issued. I love a good challenge.

  13. I think you should give a heads up before the travel occurs.... I give out amazing challenges.

  14. I wonder if that tiger would have jumped if he'd know about those pirhanas...

  15. piranhas... pirrahnas....whatever... you know what I mean, Steve!

  16. Funny post :D


  17. Have a great trip - can't wait to see what happens while you're there!

  18. If I had a tiger, I would definitely use it for fishing!

    And shopping. And making cups of tea. In fact everything is better with a tiger.

  19. The man sleeping in the airplane has a giant cameltoe. It is now seared into my memory. Thank you ever so much. Anyway, hope you're having a fabulous time!!

  20. I could so use a tiger...ummm...and a dead cat.

  21. The images are great and remind me of when I flew from Manila back to LAX. Unfortunately, I was in he middle of two less than desirous passengers.

    In the window seat was a fairly attractive black woman who insisted, for the duration of the 15 hour flight, on keeping her right arm on the armrest. Thus, my left arm had nowhere to go but on my lap.

    In the aisle seat was an obese, happy-go-lucky white male who laughed at comedy movies...the entire way.

    I felt terrible being squashed between these two characters. I had to listen to loud music to escape the maniacal laughter emanating from my right and never caught a moments rest the entire trip.

  22. The black guy sitting right next to that whit guy.... what a great picture. Look at the expression on his face.