Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Im writing a BOOK!!

Hello everybody!
Welcome back...

You know after my last post....
Quite a few of you commented that I should write a BOOK???

Well....  after quickly forwarding your comments to my high school guidance counsel....
With a note that read...
 "See somebody thinks I can be more than a janitor...ass!!!"

And then some heavy staring at books on shelves....
and other "book related" deep thinking???

I have decided to do just that!!!

I'm writing a book!!!

And I wanted to share with you all...
 A sneak peak at the cover!!!!

Here it is!!!

That's right... "The Big Book of Paper Cuts!!!"
Man I cant wait for you all to "thumb through it"!!

Anyways... while I'm working on it for the next two weeks...
And also a "laser video dance night".. 
That I'm producing here in Portland..
No joke...
Its called 90s Dance Flashback!

I will be crazy overloaded...
So I will be re-posting the "best/worst of this blog"...

Basically my 14 favorite posts in horrifying order...
So hopefully those of you...
 Who are new around here...
 Can get caught up!

And then after that... we will get back to new material...
So anyways.... I've gotta go...
Gotta go "file down" some paper edges...

Until then....
Blog ya'll later!


  1. Well that just sounds like good clean fun. :-)


  2. If you really are making a book then good luck with it. I can't tell when you're being serious.

  3. Just so you know...books are for reading, not starting fires!

    Good luck with this book, can't wait to see it!

  4. I hope you remember us mere bloggers when you are a rich and famous author and have to spend your days doing book signings at supermarkets....

    Anway - I gave you herpes. It's on my blog if you want it.

  5. Good luck with the book, sure it will be great.

  6. Haha, nice. Also paper cuts are terrible. :(

  7. I want laser video dance night. I want to be there.
    The book is a great idea. Available as an E-Book? I may have missed the point.

  8. Good luck with the book! :)

  9. You have a very unique sense of humor. That's what keeps people coming back for more. I'm sure anything you write would be a success!!

    You better file this comment in a special place as I'm usually not so free with my compliments!!

    For a nominal fee, I'll write a raving review for your next piece!

    1. You always give me compliments, Ms Lil Dreamer! You know you totally like the Magnum PI suit...

  10. Promise to autograph mine, ok? Have fun!

  11. The worst I saw was Jackass doing paper cuts between their toes!

  12. I'd buy it, too, buddy! You know I would. Will complementary bandages be included?