Friday, December 24, 2010

Post #131 Christmas Eve

So its Christmas eve and for me that means a full day of scrambling. See I often wait on getting presents till the last minute .....whatever it is what it is... How else do you end up with great gifts like a huge Chevron coffee mug or a whole carton of cup of soup???? .....

I kid.....actually if anything it ends up costing me more cause I spend the whole month bragging about what a great gift I got to my girlfriend.... then in the 13th hour I usually just go to the jewelery department and say "What would you want....Miss jewelery person?" Shockingly they never point out the cheap stuff.....huh?

So once I get my gifts I have go get my fresh christmas haircut....for you ma.....cause it has been pointed out that the "homeless yeti look is out"....not downtown I say....but whatever. Looking good and with gifts in hand its time to wrap.

Now let it be known.....I hate to wrap presents....... and all you bow people out there I have but one question for you.."Why....just why?" I would totally understand it if the package was bursting at the seams and the bow served a FUNCTION.... to help keep said present from exploding outward........but you people make my presents look very third world under the tree in comparison.

Now I was gonna talk about the caroling and gingerbread houses we do next but lets be honest... at my familys christmas eve we crack open the wine and play games and have a blast....which in truth is where I excell at the holidays.... May I request no twister this year though. Grandma's too good!...Anyways to all you out there cheers...and Merry Xmas.....

P.S..I have something special planned for you people trapped in elevators with nothing better to blog readers.....for tomorrow. I hope to complete it in time or it may be delayed a day but either way its coming.....and you cant escape it..Ha Ha HA HA Ha cough cough HA hA Ha

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