Sunday, December 26, 2010

Resolution #1 of 10

O.K. So I'm lagging on my big Christmas picture post. Got a little sick over the holidays ( not mentally funny people) it may end up being a new years things. Anyway... New Years is upon us and obviously everyone will be making a New Years Resolution or two (including me but more on that later). There are the obvious ones like dieting and loosing weight, being better with money, quitting something like drinking or smoking or crying in public, or learning something new, getting involved with helping others, or being closer to the ones you love. All good things!!! 

However I have compiled a different list. A more achievable list....Of a little more obscure resolutions....all equally important ......cause lets be honest the usual list often is just disappointing when that diet goes unrealized or your smoking again before February....... This list is weird but your gonna feel good about yourself when you succeed!!!!

1. Change how people view you...Have you been perceived a bit poorly the last few years? Well its never too late to change everyone's perception of you... Here's a couple helpful hints.. First change your appearance. Make a decision... does the soul patch need to go? What about the mullet guys? or you  ladies? What about short hair for you ladies? often means your ready to sacrifice a little bit of sexy for people to take you serious. 

And what about changing your car up a little. If you cant get a new car well then maybe people would see you more seriously, without all the stuffed animals in the back window, ladies. And uh fellas the naked lady outlined mudflaps?....just sayin!....Now if you are a guy with stuffed animals in the back window of your car.. STOP cant be helped. 

Or.....What about using facebook to help change how people see you. Instead of your usual status updates that say "Hungover as #@$!" or "Don't you hate waking up downtown in only a blouse?" How bout change to " The business deal looks encouraging"...or "Promoted to lead tenor in the church choir" I'm already impressed!!!! 

Obviously there are a few other things you can do.... I like showing up out front of classy public events and asking others to snap a quick photo of me being there. You don't even need to go inside. Its great....and ya the last museum opening was "truly delightful. And Mr. Mayor you are a riot!!!!! but watch your hands!"...

Lastly change your cocktail....Maybe long islands and rounds of jaeger shots at the restaurant with your kids and the case worker sends the wrong message....Good luck! I think we will be seeing a brand new you in no time!!!!!!!

No 2 later today.....


  1. I resolve to own my own stuff!

  2. What's wrong with guys having stuffed animals in their cars?? I have tons of them, almost can't see out the back window!!