Saturday, March 5, 2011

Revisiting the safe words post....


So my family has introduced "Safe Words" into our family dinners. What's that you ask? Well.... Before dinner and definitely before wine we decide on a word. For example on Thanksgiving we chose SHUFFLEBOARD! And any time the conversation gets weird or definitely anyone gets emotional we yell it out and change topics. Its surprising how many times we use it.

"You could have been anything you wanted to be... SHUFFLEBOARD"
 "You know your father and I were quite passionate back in the...SHUFFLEBOARD"
"You know I think our last few presidents have been underrated... SHUFFLEBOARD"

 Works great.....Really does....  That was until dinner the other night with the neighbors .... and how could we have known? Mrs. Roberts had, in her past, actually suffered a traumatic shuffleboard incident and started crying.... The next thing I know both my brothers are standing over her yelling SHUFFLEBOARD!! while she screams in horror " WHYYYY?? You kids are monsters"... that led to my mom yelling SHUFFLEBOARD at her for insulting her kids. Then Mrs. Roberts husband starts yelling at my Dad something about him never returning some hedge trimmer which my Dad of course counters with SHUFFLEBOARD!! It was a total dinner party meltdown. What did I do you ask? I quietly snuck out the back. I had a hot date and let me tell you about her. She was so.... SHUFFLEBOARD!!!

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