Monday, May 16, 2011

Portland Timbers/ Crazy Fans Post

So I went to my first Timbers game. Thats right Major League Soccer. Now let me preface this by saying I don't like soccer. I never have. I don't think theres nearly enough scoring, there's often times far too much flopping, and I don't like how its called futball. Plus I dislike how way too often, I read about how like 20 people just died in some weird stadium stands collapse in Argentina or somewhere else soccer poisons the brain. ....That said....I went and watched the Timbers ................... and.................. 
Watching a Timbers game is awesome!!!!! I loved it. Damn it!!!    Man I'm so pissed I liked it.... but I did. You see the Timbers army is loud, drunk, crazy rowdy..... and did I mention drunk!!! The game I saw they won, which made the home fans go even crazier during their ..... 1-0 shootout. Shocking! But whatever.... the flags were waving and the crowd was chanting. It got me fired up.... and also it got me thinking. What other sports do crazy fans vastly improve the viewing experience. Lets find out shall we.




More soccer..... Plus its the rare girl sports streaker. Well played
Usually this is how that plays out......

anyways back to the sports......


more Football.
Sumo.... er.... skiing

 Nascar. Oh man!! That is so wrong. Moobs don't make any sporting event better. Disregard!! and moving on...

Now sometimes its the venue that helps make the games fun to watch... For example

More challenging
More Redneck...but their hillbilly olympics very very watchable! This here is the 2010 Diving aluminum medalist

then there's this....
Worlds worst (and most inappropriate) miniature golf course. And I know exactly what you are thinking!!! What do the other holes look like?? I knew you would wanna watch.... sickos!

all right so what other "fan" related photos did I find? Well here are just a few more gems. Enjoy.

Tiger has some of the best fans..... er lovers

Now this is pure soccer fan passion!! True soccer hooligans? What they need to start building is actually a moat. Plus mental note... don't sit up front at European soccer matches.

Scotts ex was not a very big FAN of him after the breakup.

President George W. Bush apparently is a big volleyball (and ass) fan. 
SNL sports fans... hilarious.
Whole other kind of nightmare fan.
and then there's these huge Disney fans!!! Walt would not be pleased... on second thought.. maybe he would?
All right so I'm starting to reach a little bit now..... Basically let me leave you all with this. The sports fans and the sports setting help make the experience what it is. They can really take the game to another level TV can't ..... and the Portland Timbers did just that the other day for me....and oh yeah I will be back....

That said sometimes for me it all boils down to just the product on the field. And nothing else....

How did this not catch on?????

Oh well....Thanks for reading everyone. Blog ya'll later.

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