Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stupid Photo Potpourii and other stuff I guess

So the site I do this blog on has been having problems. Technical problems. It even lost my last post... then it deleted some comments and other weird stuff happened.... Apparently they expect posts to come back once they fix the problem....  we'll see.... whatever...  and  I know what your thinking. "Its about time someone censored this blog.!!"  Probably so.... but its happened to more than just me... A lot of us shut-ins... er... bloggers. Come to think of it.... I can't even blame George W. for this.... as some sort of privacy invasion in the name of Homeland Security.  Apparently its just that the whole site caught a virus or something....  and it's like I always say..."Your welcome"..... That said... basically I don't want to go all crazy on a long post just to see it deleted.'s just a random collection of photos I have found but haven't been able to use. Kind of a "Stupid Photo Potpourii"  if you will. All right.... here we go.............. and stop censoring me Homeland Security!!
Portland downtown bikers are seriously all over the roads... this guy is about to take that literally

Bad costume.... In truth I found a lot of these... and I'm saving them for someday. Sorry ahead of time.

This is my roller coaster nightmare!!! That will teach you not to get sushi from a food cart.

Wow!!! Worst sweater ever maybe?
Hollywood coffin

Awesome shoes.... I plan to give these as a Christmas present to my someone special. 

Now this needs to be said. I absolutely hate all the cat pictures all over the internet. They are everywhere... Cats in sweaters.. cats jumping around in sweaters.... fat cats, cute cats, I even found a site with cooked cats.....just allow me to say what were all thinking crazy cat ladies....  stop it .... just stop it....nobody cares.. nobody wants to see you and your cat. That said.. this pictures kinda funny but not cause of the cat... would be just as funny with a lapdog or other animal.... just sayin.

I guess....sorry cat ladies! There are crazy cat mans....  and buddy ... seriously!!. That is way passed embarrassing!! Pull it together! You make me sad for you.......

Lets get away from the cats shall we.... Alright this photo is shocking below.

Now the police never did find the murder weapon..... that is until the day they all quickly realized the safety wasn't on!!

Mom couldn't get a clown for the birthday party.... so she took it upon herself to entertain the kids???? Either that or youngest bachelor party ever.

Eddie warned the driver not to park in both spots again! 

If you are a woman seeing this.... congrats you are the first.

um.... Ferrari makes pants. Huh? You don't want to see who can fit into Boeing's.

Redneck weddings are fun

Really fun

Speaking of fun....I love me a good revenge photo. They are almost always funny!!

But this may be going to far.........

Well..... thats my post for today. Hopefully the computer issues will be remedied on here soon. I'm really wanting to do a whole cat post.... cute cats in sweaters and stuff. You're gonna love it. Here's a preview and by the way .... have a great and virus free day everybody.



Jolly... you know what I can't do this!!! Come on everybody!!! Get a hobby or maybe a lover....and leave your poor cats alone. This just makes me so angry. Blog ya'll later!!!!


  1. I hear you on the cat thing!

  2. Hey Greg.... I knew their had to be more people who agreed with me out there. Solidarity brotha! However you should check out todays post.... it happened... I went there anyway. The cat post. Thanks for reading!