Sunday, May 8, 2011

The worst moms I could find on the internet

Ah the mothers day post. I have so been looking forward to this one. If ever there was someone who deserved a special post it would be my mom. She has tolerated so much raising three sons... and to her credit we all ended up very close.... which was her number one goal (probably right after us becoming doctors but whatever). 

Sure she had to break a rule or two occasionally to make this happen. Like the time she sent me to grade school with a wine cooler in my lunch. She said it was a mistake and thought it was "just juice"... but I know she really just wanted me to be one of the popular kids. Thanks ma! Or the time we all went shopping but left my baby brother in his car seat alone in the car for a while.. great way to teach him how to be an independent baby! and true!
Oh and all those summers she sold us to that North Korean sweatshop. We just became so close...  I don't ever have to buy shoes anymore... I can I still make a mean pair of Nake's. (Nike's ugly stepchild)

 Anyways thanks, mom!! Things turned out okay... Now they could have gone a different direction for us all... we could have suffered from some bad momming... I wonder what that would look like...  you all ready for it?  Here we go.... the worst moms I could find on the internet!!! 

This kid needs a leash!!

There we go.... Much better. Drag him around that store!

So very very classy! With the kid in the car? Really

This is her cars personalized license plate. Guess that makes sense.
Dude can power down some apple juice!! just sayin..

Now... what about how you take care of your little bundles of joy. Bad moms have a different idea on Enjoy!


Actually this one freaks me out. Not o.k. So not o.k.!

Guess crate training would work...

So mean.... its funny
Um...... I actually don't know what to say about this one?
Poor ducks! I guess there has to be bad animal moms? Right?

On the plus side.... there's absolutely no way she falls out.
Can't blame this one on daddy issues.... all mom's fault.

My guess... these little nightmares are home schooled!!

Mom's future little street stain... (too mean?) uh..disregard.

Then there was one show in particular that truly showcased all the bad moms out there.....

With catfights and paternity tests .... and then more catfights...

You know.... theres just so many bad moms out there....but where do we go from here?  Well even bad moms let their children play right? Where you ask... Check below.

On the plus side... extremely character building!

 and then this.... really world? This is ridiculous. Who green lights this project? (Democrats maybe?)

This has been fun but... alas... here it is. The worst mom I could find on the internet.

But bad... for a whole other reason!!!

So that's it. Love ya mom... I hope this adds to your mothers day. Also....thankfully none of these ladies were my mom. I had it good. Oh ya and by the way dad. Don't laugh too hard cause Fathers day is just around the corner!!!!

Blog ya'll later.

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