Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angry Mailbag

Now I receive some mail here at this blog. Comments and questions. I really try to answer all of them with class and dignity. I believe feedback is so important....I try to be extremely polite & thoughtful. However ...Sometimes my emotions get the better of me.... and I way. I felt it only fare to share them. Here you go...

Angry Mailbag

Q: Hey Steve I read your blog and I have this one question I have been dying to ask you? When are you just going to go away? suck!!  Or if you are gonna keep doing this how bout you talk about something of importance.... for a change! Enclosed is a list that would hugely class up this piece of trash blog!


A: Thanks so much Peoplethathateyou. I will definitely take a look at your suggestions!

Q: Hey Madman.... I really enjoy the pictures on here..... I think about them all the time....alot alot!!!  in my cell! When I get out of here I plan on finding you and giving you something big to blog about... princess!
Dr Meat

A: THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM YAHOO MAIL..... Your mail could not be delivered. This email address no longer exists.

Q:Writers of Mind of a Madman. We insist you stop with your making fun of women with cats and cats in general.... they are precious creatures!

Becca Florence
PETA spokesperson and proud momma to 12 cats

A: Thanks for the feedback Becca. We here at this blog love all cats big and small. Actually we love them so much we prefer to keep them very close to us at all times. Thanks again!

Q: Hey Steve. I took a look at your blog and I enjoyed it. I feel like you have a true talent. Your writing is amazing. One that is perfectly suited for bathroom stalls or maybe the articles even Hustler wouldn't print. Thanks for actually finding a way to dumb down the internet jerk!


A: BobbaFetforever27. Clearly being an uber Star Wars fan you are a fan of good writing.... and lonely Friday nights. Thanks for taking the time out of your evening to write in... now you can get back to whatever it was you were doing. Thanks!

That's it for today. Feel free to write in anytime. I love responding!


  1. Love it!!

    As for the first letter? Sounds like a troll. Don't let it get to you. (Easier said than done, I know.)

  2. Oh I'm a woman and I love cats... should I write a complaint???? :-D
    Anyway I read your blog and it really entertains me! So as I wrote on my blog in reply to your comment, I seldom leave a comment because I'm selfconcious about my English... and I am scared to death that you're going to make fun of me publicly... that would destroy my already very wobbly mental health... so please have mercy! :-DDD
    So now... I will try to put some words together for my complaint! ;-)

  3. @Tricia... I agree. That person is a stupid troll! But glad you enjoyed the post!
    @ daisy... You can leave any note here anytime... and I will never make fun of your English. Its good to have your international input here!

    see I can respond nicely... my therapist asked me to do this every once in a while!

  4. I lol'd a lot at this. Well played, sir.

  5. Now I'm too scared to say I didn't like it :)

  6. Peoplethathateyou suck. And C-3PO is kinda hot. I forgive whoever is in that picture.

  7. @Elliot... Appreciated
    @RCB.... Haha! Be afraid. Be very afraid!
    @Fred Miller.... R2D2 is much hotter....just sayin.